Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis.

Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis has been launched. The Prime minister of Pakistan inaugurated roshan apna ghar scheme on Friday. This scheme will provide financing for building house for overseas Pakistanis. This scheme brings a lot of opportunities for overseas Pakistanis to invest in commercial or residential properties or to build house for own living. Following the directions of PM Imran Khan, the state bank of Pakistan has launched roshan apna ghar scheme.

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Is it Shariah Compliant?

According to the state bank of Pakistan, the Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme is available in both ways, the conventional way as well as the Shariah Compliant. Readers are highly advised to look deeply in this matter before making any decision.

Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme Eligibility:

Roshan apna ghar scheme is purely launched for overseas Pakistanis. This scheme will work inline with roshan digital account, therefore all Roshan Pakistan digital account holders are eligible for roshan apna ghar scheme. Overseas Pakistanis with a valid NICOP, can invest in property through any bank which is partner in this scheme. Almost all major banks are partnered with state bank of Pakistan. Some of the banks are already accepting applications like Bank Alflah, UBL etc.

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What you can do under this scheme?

Under Roshan Apna Ghar scheme:

  • You can buy a real estate either commercial or residential.
  • You can buy real estate and build on it.
  • You already own a land, now you can build on it through this scheme.
  • You already own a land and have house/building on it, now you can do renovation of it through this scheme.
  • You can sell house or property which you made through this scheme.

How to Apply in Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme?

You can apply in Roshan Apna Ghar scheme online. All banks which are a partner with the state bank, are launching online application portal. It is worth mentioning that each bank is offering some unique benefits and plans apart from common scheme, so you should visit the website of each bank and choose wisely before applying online.

Financing Range:

Under this scheme, you can get financing minimum 500,000 PKR. There is no limit of maximum financing, however, the maximum financing depends on the capacity of repayment. The bank will grant maximum up to 85% of total value and minimum 10%. The financing range varies depending on the plan.

Lien Based Financing:

Lien based financing means, if you have Naya Pakistan certificates or Roshan Digital Account balance, you can get financing against it.  You can get financing from the bank up to 99% of total value for buying and building house. However, financing will not be more than 40% of value in case of renovation plan.

Non-Lien Based Financing:

This is normal borrowing scheme and there is no requirement of Naya Pakistan certificate or Roshan Digital Account balance. The financing can be up to 85% of total value for buying and building whereas up to 30% for renovation.

Instalments plan:

To return amount, instalments plan can be from 3 to 25 years.

Number of applicants:

There must be minimum two applicants to submit one application. The maximum number of one application is 4. One of the applicants must be permanently living in Pakistan.

Age limit:

For salaried persons, the age limit is 20 to 60 years, and 20 to 65 years for self employed applicants. The instalments plan cannot go out of upper age limit.

This is a brief summery of Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis. To find more information please visit the official website of The State Bank of Pakistan or the bank through which you want to apply.


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