TLP Dharna Today – Live TLP Dharna Update

TLP Dharna today: Clashes between Banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan and police have gone violent.  Two police employees have died during the protest, reported by ARY News Pakistan. This happened at MA college crossing where police were trying to stop protestors of TLP Pakistan.

TLP converted the procession of celebration of Eid-e-Milad Sharif into a long march from Lahore to Islamabad. The leader of TLP Hafiz Saad Rizvi was arrested on 12 April, so TLP wants their leader to be released. To achieve this goal, TLP has started a protest in the form of a long march which has raised serious clashes.

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Huge containers have been placed on the roads and ways to block the protest. A heavy number of police have been deployed to stop protest. This has flared clashes between police and protestors.

The recent incident took place at MA college Chowk where police were trying to stop the movement of protestors. Reportedly, the protestors didn’t stop their vehicle and crushed several policemen. Five members of police were left injured and two passed away.  The name of two martyred police members are : Ayyoob and Khalid, they were appointed in Gwalmandi Police station.

On the other hand, police is ready to deal with protestors. The high command of police department are visiting the route of protestors and making strategy to block the way of protestors. A huge number of police have been deployed outside the Head Quarter of TLP to disperse the protestors which are gathering there.

As the administration has placed containers as a barrier, so it has created trouble for the member of common public as well. Metro and Orange Line services have been suspended. Apart from this, Lahore to Islamabad Motor Way has been already closed. All ways to and from Lahore have been closed and police force have been deployed there.

On the other hand, the provincial government is planning to negotiate with banned TLP. The provincial minister of Law Raja Basharat and Prosecution Minister Chaoudhary Zaheer Uddin have been appointed to start talks with TLP.

Following the directives of Interior Minister, PTA has suspended internet service in various areas including Daata Sahid, Shah-Darra and Ravi Pul. The internet service will remain suspended until next directives by Ministry of Interior.