The Video of Jan 6, 2021 Goes Viral.

The Video of Jan 6, 2021 protest has been viral on social media platforms. More than 1.7 million users have watched this video. Zoe Tillman shared this video on twitter, the news reporter of Buzzfeed which is now viral on almost all social media platforms, especially twitter.

In the video, we can see that supporters of previous US president Mr. Donald Trump are entering the building of Capitol. Some protesters are making entry through windows while others through doors but in a calm way.

Although the government has submitted argument that releasing such video footage may be a risk for security. However, a judge ordered the federal prosecutor to release the clip. The length of surveillance footage is one minute only but 1.7 million people have watched it so far and viewership is increasing rapidly.

Watch Video of Jan 6, 2021:

Click below to watch the video of jan 6, 2021.

The video showed that protesters were not violent as they were entering calmly. Several experts have given their opinion this footage. The Rigth wing commander John Cardillo  said, that the protesters were not trespassers, they looked a tour group.

US capitol police and US attorney’s office tried best not to make video public. They made argument that revealing video of inside might be a source of security points for people with bad intentions. Bad actors might assault the capitol building in future. However, the judge rejected this argument saying that it is speculative argument and ordered to release video and make it public.

The length of actual video of jan 6, 2021 is about 15 minutes which starts from 14:25 to 14:40. It can be see that protesters are entering from senate side through the opened doors and windows which are broken. The crowd of people walked inside and gathered in mob form and finally dispersed and made exit the capitol building. The CCTV footage has no audio, however, the cameras are mounted at high points which provided a wide video view.