The Second Phase of Professional Verification Program in Saudi Arabia Starts.

The second phase of professional verification Program in Saudi Arabia has been started from 01 September 2021.  The professional verification test program will be completed in five phases. The first phase was started from July 2021 for the companies having 3000 or more employees. Now, it is second phase for the employees of companies which have 500 to 2999 workers. The government of Saudi Arabia launched this program to determine the skill level of workers in Saudi Arabia. All those workers who are already in the kingdom they have to undergo this testing. While the new visa applicants outside Kingdom have to pass test in the home country through a system specified by Saudi Government.

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how to check profession list for test?

This program depends on your occupation or profession which is registered under your iqama number. From 01 September, six more professions have been included in the verification program. The list of newly added professions is given below:

  • Air condition field.
  • Welders
  • Vehicle mechanic
  • Auto electrician
  • Painters

According to Okaz newspaper, 205 out of 1999 professions have been included in this program so far and more will be added gradually.

Check if your profession is eligible for test:

First of all visit the official website of  professional verification by clicking the link given below:

This is eligibility checker tool. You can check your eligibility using your iqama number or passport number. Select iqama number or passport number and enter the number. Click “i am not a robot” and  click “check”.

When you click the “check”, the system will check the record of your company and your occupation, and then show you if you need to take test currently or not. Remember, all workers have to pass test sooner or later.

Booking of Professional Verification Program Test:

The skills of all workers will be tested in five phases depending on the size of company in which they work. Based on the size of company, the test phases will be as follows:

First phase: Companies with 3000 or more workers.

Second phase: Companies with 500 to 2999 workers.

Third Phase: companies with 50 to 499 workers.

Forth Phase: establishments with 6 to 49 workers.

Fifth Phase: Establishments with less than 6 workers.

Being an employee in Saudi Arabia, you cannot book professional verification test by your own, rather your company will book appointment for test for you.

What if someone fail in the professional test:

Everyone can have up to three attempts to pass the test. If someone fail once, he/she can try again two times to pass the test. If fail in all three attempts, he might have to face deportation and leave the country.

Iqama Profession is Different from Real:

Many expatriates are facing this situation. Their profession registered under their iqama is different from the real one in which they are working. Always remember, you have to take test for the profession which is registered under your iqama number. So if you are working in a different profession, you have to change your profession in your iqama. You can check your registered profession on your iqama card or ABSHER website or ministry of labor’s website.

It might be hard for you to apply for  change of profession by yourself, therefore you should request your company’s government relation officer to process profession change application for you.

If your iqama profession and real profession is same, there is no need to worry about. All you have to get ready for the test, you company will inform you about your professional verification program test appointment date and test centre.