Prayer Time Khobar Today

Prayer Time Khobar is widely asked query of Muslims who wish to pray at right time. You can find the most accurate “Prayer Time in Khobar” in this post. It is pertinent that many people say “Salah” instead of prayer. We want to mention that “Salah” in actually the most appropriate word.

Daily Khobar Prayer Time  App:

It is era of mobile apps. There are a lot of apps which you can download to check khobar prayer time for every prayer along with other details like sun rise and sun set. We will suggest an app which doesn’t show any ads, so it is very clean and easy to use app.

Check Prayer Time Khobar in the app:

First of all download app by click this link :

This app is available for both the android and iOS users. Download and install the app.

Open the app and now you can choose your language.

Once you have chosen your language, now you need to select your location. Not, only your current location but also you can select other locations. for khobar prayer time, if you are in already in Al Khobar, simply click “Auto” and then click “get location”. it will detect your location Al Khobar and show  all prayer times in Al Khobar.

If you are out of Al Khobar or want to choose your location Manually, simply click “Manual” and then Select Saudi Arabia as country and Al Khobar as a location. It will show you Salah time in Khobar within a few seconds.

have a look at the following screenshot:

salah time khobar

Prayer Time Khobar :

The table of Prayer Time in Al Khobar is given below.

Prayer Time in Al Khobar Region of Saudi Arabia.Salah Time in Al Khobar

The above time table helps you to find out the exact time of sun rise in al Khobar region which is the most important to perform the prayer of Fajar in Khobar. Through this time table you can find khobar prayer time exactly for five prayers in a day.

Salah Times or Prayer Times are actually same when Muslims perform prayer or Salah. Muslims perform Salah five times in  a day we have given the timings of these five prayers in this post and these are Khober prayer times only. The residents of other cities and countries can check the difference because prayer times vary from city to city and country to country; it all depends on sun and geography. Even there are some school of thoughts among the Muslims who believes that there are some positions of sun when it is not allowed to pray, so prayer time is the most important thing for the Muslims of all over the world. There are five major sects or group of Shariah, fiqa hanafi (the most popular and the most followed), fiqh e hamblin, fiqh maliki, fiqh shafi  and fiqh fiqh jafria; all fiqh group believes that there are five prayer times in a day for the fard prayer. According to some school of thoughts it is allowed to combine two or three prayer but still prayer time is important.

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There are five prayers which are called Fard (farz) which are mandatory for every Muslim who have come of age. The prayers which are not fard, can be performed at any time, however non-fard prayers are also forbidden when sun is at some specific positions (everyone should consult religious scholars for details of such matters for more accuracy)

This is how you can find prayer time khobar to perform your prayers or salah five times in a day. We strongly suggest to use some mobile application which keep you up to date of salah times in Khobar.