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Germany Blue Card Benefits and Requirements.

EU Blue Card – A Perfect way to Settlement in Europe.

What is EU Blue Card?

                        EU Blue Card is a residence permit based on work permit, allows Non-European Citizens to live and work in Europe. EU blue card is not a permanent residence. EU card is totally different from US green Card. US green card is actually US permanent residence whereas EU Blue card is a temporary residence and work permit. It is issued initially for a period of maximum four years. It was first introduced by European Union Commission in 2007 but officially implemented in 2009 as the EU Blue Card Directive. The purpose of EU Blue card is to welcome highly skilled and qualified Non-European workers to European Union.

List of countries which issue EU Blue Card:

                Currently, 25 following countries recognize and issue EU Blue card but there may be little changes in their criteria.

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Estonia
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Germany
  11. Greece
  12. Hungary
  13. Italy
  14. Latvia
  15. Lithuania
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malta
  18. Netherlands
  19. Poland
  20. Portugal
  21. Romania
  22. Slovakia
  23. Slovenia
  24. Spain
  25. Sweden

EU Blue Card Benefits :

  • EU blue card holder can bring his family and dependents to host country where they will have right to live, work, study and other rights of a normal citizen.
  • After 18 months’ legal residence in first host Schengen member state, EU Blue card holder can move to other member state where EU Blue card is recognized, along with dependents for the purpose of highly skilled employment.
  • EU Blue Card holder can enter Schengen member states without visa for a period of up to 90 days within a 180-days period for tourism purpose. If want to work, EU blue card holder have to apply for new employment EU blue card.
  • EU card holder and his family can stay outside Europe for up to 12 months consecutive without any effect on their EU residence.
  • Settlement permit (PR) can be applied after 33 months in case of Germany, PR can be applied after 21 months if applicant has good knowledge of German language (B1 level).

Please note: EU blue card facilitates mobility within the EU, excluding the member states Denmark, Ireland and UK.

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List of Countries not issuing EU Blue Card

  1. Denmark
  2. Ireland
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. Norway
  5. Liechtenstein
  6. Iceland
  7. Switzerland

Which Country is Best Option for EU Blue Card Applicants:

            As it is mentioned above that currently 25 countries are issuing EU Blue card. The main purpose of this program is to meet the need of man power in Europe. Germany is top of the list of the countries which need more and more man power from non-European countries. There are many reasons behind this program, in fact the population of Germany is growing at very slow rate around 1.4 children per women, on the other hand ageing population is increasing fast, so working-age population is shrinking, resultantly there is a serious want of workers from abroad. Therefore, Germany is currently best option for the people who want to move to abroad along with their family. Germany is issuing thousands of EU blue card every year. Most of the EU Card holders are from India. Pakistan is on second last number in this list. Blue card requirements for Indians and EU blue card requirements for Pakistanis are almost same and explained below.

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EU blue card eligibility?

            Applicant inside Europe or outside can apply for Germany EU Blue Card. Applicant must have a master degree or graduation degree (4 years’ degree); in other words, applicant must have 16 years’ education in order to apply for Germany EU blue card. Applicant have to make sure that his University degree is from a University which is recognized by Germany relevant department which is called “ANBIN”. Applicant have to submit his educational documents at “ZAB” for assessment. For obtaining recognition of qualifications, fees range from 200 to 600 €. In case of requirements for translations, notarization, or other documents – charges may rise.

 For ANBIN and ZAB please visit :

            To apply for EU Blue Card applicant must find a job offer and job contract from a German company. The EU Blue Card duration period depends upon the job contract period. To find job offer or job contract applicant should visit the following official job portals and make search for job to apply for EU Blue Card.

            There are some special salary criteria for job contract/job offer in order to apply for EU Blue card; Salary offered in job contract must be 52000 euro per year or above for a normal/regulated occupation. And if applicant is applying in high demanding occupation, salary offered must be 40560 euro per year or above.

            There is a list of high demanding occupation specified by German government where they need more and more people. This list is called International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) and can be found at

                if employer shows special interest, salary requirement can be decreased.

            If applicant is unable to find job while staying outside Europe, then he can apply for Germany Job seeker visa which is issued to search job in Germany. But applicant have to satisfy visa officer that he is highly skilled and qualified enough to find job in Germany.

            As a proof of English language proficiency IELTS may be demanded.

            It is preferable if applicant learn German Language before applying for this permit.

            Applicant must have some sufficient funds for initial expenses. No heavy statement of bank account is need here. A few thousand US dollars will be enough.

EU Blue Card Requirements:

  1. Application form filled, by either you or your employer
  2. University Degree
  3. Work contract
  4. For regulated professions – the equivalent certificate or license of profession
  5. Proof of salary offered according to the thresh hold
  6. A written declaration by your employer
  7. passport
  8. Police clearance
  9. photographs
  10. application fee payment

If no university degree:

5 years of work experience in particular profession are required when applying for the EU Blue Card.

            Requirements are almost same whether applicant is already living in Europe or outside Europe. For more information, please visit official site of Federal office for migration and refugees Germany.