Italy decreto flussi 2022 for seasonal work visa.

Previously, the government of Italy has started an amnesty scheme, opened immigration for illegal immigrants who are already in the country with no legal status or living as asylum seekers. This was purely to meet the labor shortage which took place due to pandemic. A large number of immigrants availed the amnesty scheme. However, the outcomes of amnesty were not up to expectations of Italian government. There is still shortage of workforce in agriculture and many other sectors. Finally, Italian government has decided to recruit non-European workers through decreto flussi to meet immediate labor shortage.

Italy work visa for seasonal jobs, is a temporary  work permit which is issued for a maximum duration of nine months. Foreigners have to leave the country upon finishing their  visa. There is no specific requirement of IELTS and education to apply for Seasonal jobs in Italy, so it is an excellent opportunity for people with low qualification. But you may need to be able to speak the Italian language for some job categories. The seasonal  jobs are given under Immigration Law Article 24. The employer is responsible for accommodation arrangements for workers and expenses of sending them back to their country once visa is finished. The employer have to show the monthly wages contract too.

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Eligible Countries for Italy Seasonal Immigration:

Which countries’ citizens would be eligible for decreto flussi 2022, it has already been announce. Italy Immigration every year, gives a chance to citizens of non-European countries to get Italy work visa through seasonal and non-seasonal work permits. Citizens of the following countries are  eligible to apply Italy work visa for seasonal jobs:

Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Korea (Republic of Korea), Ivory Coast, Egypt , El Salvador, Ethiopia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Philippines, Gambia, Ghana,Japan, India, Kosovo, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius , Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Salvador.

Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Salvadorian are also eligible for seasonal and non-seasonal work permit this year.

Italy seasonal work permits are issued for various types of jobs, duration of work varies from weeks to months, but the maximum length of Italy seasonal work permit is nine months. It can be issued for less duration, but it depends upon job type.

Generally, seasonal jobs are available throughout the year, especially in the tourism industry. In the tourism industry, you can find Italy seasonal work visa to perform a job in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Ski resorts and sports instructor etc.

Seasonal jobs for farming work are also available under Italy Immigration Program for seasonal workers. Fruit Picking jobs, harvesting jobs, and other farm worker positions are included in agricultural jobs.

Non-seasonal worker are also taken under Italy immigration program from the countries where some necessary courses of skills are already taught with co-operation of Italian embassy; such countries include Tunisia and Morocco etc…

People who are already living and working in Italy like students and former seasonal workers they have a chances to convert their visas into employment residency and business residency.

Italy decreto flussi Opening Date:

  • Pre-application form for decreto flussi 2022 can be filled from 01 February 2022.
  • From 27 January 2022, application for non-seasonal visa, conversion and self employed can be submitted.

Website for Decreto flussi application:

Applications for decreto flussi 2020 can be submitted at the following official website of Italian immigration

Distribution of Quota:

According to decreto flussi program, the size of quota will be 69,700 which is more than double of last quotas.

42000 Quotas has been allocated for seasonal jobs in Agriculture and Tourism industry. 14000 of this qouta is specified for agriculture industry.

Quota of 27000 has been specified for self employment, conversion and other non-seasonal work.

7000 quotas reserved for those who have a residence permit for study, training and / or professional training to be converted into a permit for self-employment.

500 quotas reserved for self employed workers. There is a requirement of minimum investment of 500000 Euro and employing at least three people.

Eighteen thousand units were specified for seasonal workers last year. Twelve thousand eight hundred fifty units were allocated for non-seasonal workers and status conversion inside Italy. However, total quota for Italy work visa will not be increased this year because last year’s quota is still not filled.

How to apply for Italy Work Visa:

Same as other countries’ work permits; Italy’s seasonal work visa is also sponsored visa. Which means there should be an employer/company willing to give you a job. It says you have to find a job and employer first before you proceed to the visa application. You can find an employer by doing a job search at online job search websites. I will share a list of best job Search Websites for Italy Seasonal jobs below. All you have to create a free account on these websites and create your Resume/CV or you can upload a ready-made CV to job search websites. Next step is to make the search for seasonal jobs. As I said, the Tourism industry needs workers throughout the year so better you try to find jobs in Hotels, bars, etc. When you see there is a job, see the description of the Job and read how to apply for that job? just follow the given application process.

If you have friends or relative in Italy, They can also help you to find an employer from Italy. Once there is a job offer from the employer, your visa application process can be initiated.

You cannot start your visa application by yourself; once you have found your employer, now it is the responsibility of your employer to make a free registration at the official website of Italy Interior ministry and create a work permit application for you in advance. Then sit back and relax. Wait for the official announcement of Italian Immigration Program. Soon after it starts, your employer needs to apply for your work permit. It is highly advisable to apply soon after it opens. However, tourism industry jobs are available throughout the year.

After applying online, then you and your employer have to wait for Work Permit approval by the ministry of Interior Italy. They will send approval to your employer then he needs to send it to you. When you receive it, you can apply for Italy work visa at the embassy of Italy in your home country.

How to find job in Italy for Seasonal work permit:

As mentioned above, you can find a job through your friends or relatives, through some recruitment agencies working in Italy or By making a search online through online job search portals. Here is a list of trusted and fast responding job search websites:

Indeed Italy: It is top rated website offering services globally.

Jobs In Milan : Italy based website where you can find jobs from Italy only.

Careerjet: Same as indeed it is also offering services worldwide.

LinkedIn: Best website to engage with employers socially and apply for job.

Italian newspapers: Newspapers are the best source of job legitimate job vacancies, where you can find contact details of employer and contact them directly without any medium.

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