How to Obtain Paraguay Citizenship

The Easiest second citizenship and second Passport of Paraguay.

When we talk about easiest second citizenship with high ranking of passport “Paraguay “is prominent in this list. It is one of easiest citizenship countries with minimum requirement of investment as little as 5000 USD. Paraguay allows dual nationality. Process is straightforward and not expensive. All nationalities can apply. Paraguay, Heart of America is a land with plenty of opportunities for foreigners. It is surrounded by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. Paraguay population is 6.8 million, almost 60% of its population is inhabited in its Capital city Asunción and city of Ciudad del Este. Its currency is Paraguayan Guaraní and official languages are Paraguayan Guaraní, Spanish.

Paraguayan citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 130 countries and territories, ranking the Paraguayan passport 34th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Saint Lucian and Venezuelan) according to the Henley Passport Index. With Paraguay passport, UK, Ireland, Russia and EU can be visited without visa. With Paraguay id card, whole south America can be travelled without passport or visa, only id card is needed.

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Paraguay permanent residency.

                                                Paraguay immigration policy is flexible and liberal. It actually welcomes the foreigners regardless nationality to live come and live in Paraguay. Normally, Permanent Residence requires a specified legal stay in the country but there is no as such requirement in Paraguay. One can enter the Paraguay on visit/tourist visa and can apply for permanent residence status without any long term residency. Even when applying for visit visa or tourist visa (short term visa), intention of applying permanent residence in future can be expressed to case officer but it is recommended only in case of Paraguay because Paraguay wants the people who can work for the betterment of country.

                                                To apply permanent residence, a deposit of equal to minimum 35 Paraguay wages around 5000 USD is required in Paraguay bank. It is the main requirement to start permanent residence application process. This Deposit can be in the Central Bank (non-interest bearing) or any commercial bank. When whole procedure is completed and permanent residence is granted, this deposit can be withdrawn or transferred to other account.

                                                There is another way to make base for applying for permanent residence. By establishing a company or buying real estate or agricultural land with the money deposit mentioned above, permanent residence can be applied. In case of agricultural land, the minimum land area should be 10 hectares. There is no cut and dried requirements for the price of land.

                                                People who want to live a retired life in Paraguay, they have to make A deposit of minimum 100 Paraguay wages around 13000 USD in order to apply for permanent residence. Students, work permit holders or people who are shareholders in Paraguay, they can also apply for Permanent residence of Paraguay.

Anyone from any country can apply for Paraguay permanent residence but must have a clean record and clean character as Paraguay needs skilled people and investors to boost its economy.

The following documents are generally needed for Paraguay permanent residence:

  1. Applicants Valid Passport with entry visa
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Proof of address
  4. Police clearance certificate from home country and paraguay
  5. Marital status documents
  6. certificate of economic solvency
  7. Medical certificate obtained in Paraguay
  8. Certificate of life and residence permit (from Paraguay)
  9. sanitary certificate and Affidavit(must be issued in Paraguay)
  10. Document issued by the National Police and Identifications Department of Paraguay

All documents must be translated officially to Spanish, copied, notarized and apostilled.

The application fees are around USD 260. dependents, both parents, spouses and children can be included. Besides USD 260, applicant may be charged heavy amount by legal agency/lawyers.

Application process for permanent residence may take a week.

To be completed. Residence permit application processing time is 90 days but mostly PR is issued with 70 days from date of submission of application. Legal assistance of some lawyer in Paraguay is highly needed and recommended if applicant cannot speak Spanish because only very few people speak English in Paraguay, so there is serious need of lawyer. It is suggested that applicant should try to contact some lawyers before leaving for Paraguay. It is possible during the whole follow-up process to delegate power of attorney to a legal representative. Within three months, Immigration department issues permanent residence permit and documents to apply for the Paraguayan cédula (permanent residence card). This card should be applied by the applicant in person. The cédula allows the card holder to travel visa-free through all Mercosur members. This residence permit doesn’t need any renewal but if PR holder stay absent from the country for three years without any justification, it may be cancelled.

                                    Permanent Residence secures a person’s right of living and working in the country in free and legal way. Person can exit and enter the country anytime without visa. The cost of living in Paraguay is not expensive. Paraguay is a stable country in South America and a member of the MERCOSUR with one of the highest GDP increase in the world.

Permanent Residence for foreign investors.

                                                 there is a special procedure under the Unified System of Opening and Closing Companies (SUACE) for the people who want to invest in some projects in Paraguay. (SUACE) is a quick system to make registration of foreign investors’ companies. The minimum amount required to invest is 70000USD. People who don’t need visa to enter Paraguay, they can easily get Permanent residence without any investment but the people who need visa to enter Paraguay investment is good way for them to get PR. It may take only 20 days to get PR through this program.

Citizenship of Paraguay.

                                    According to Paraguay citizenship laws, a person can apply Paraguay citizenship after three years of getting permanent residence. Apparently it looks simple and easy but it is very complicate in fact.  However, this citizenship process is called “naturalization”. The first step is an application to supreme court, it is said that supreme court takes only six months to grant citizenship approval but actually this process takes several years. Especially for south Asian people like Indians and Pakistanis.  Bureaucracy and legal agencies are not cooperative. Even the lawyers whom money is paid they also very lazy and shirk worker. They waste too much of your time and money. The requirements for naturalization are vague and not clear. Applicant should establish strong ties with land of Paraguay, should maintain some proper source of income, should pay taxes which are already very low only around 10%, should learn Spanish, own some business or land/real estate and should have a bank account in first class bank so that supreme court may not reluctant to grant citizenship.

  1. Must be 18 years old or older
  2. CV
  3. Fresh photographs
  4. Valid passport
  5. Translation of Passport must be authenticated
  6. Birth certificate translated and authenticated
  7. Certificate of Good Conduct in the country of origin
  8. Immigration card
  9. Permanent Residence Permit
  10. Health certificate form Paraguay
  11. Certificate of Life and Residence
  12. Police certificate from home country.
  13. Paraguayan police certificate
  14. Criminal Record clearance
  15. Paraguayan Identity card
  16. Certificate of employment with the company’s and other documents NTN etc.
  17. If owner of a registered property, then authenticated certificates
  18. validated by a lawyer application.
  19. Court fee
  20. Signed Affidavit issued by the Supreme Court of Justice
  21. Applicant must stay 183/year in the country to apply for citizenship.

            Once person is granted citizenship, Paraguay passport can be applied two years after getting citizenship of Paraguay.


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