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Nicaragua Visa & Permanent Residency Requirements.

Nicaragua is a country in central America with peaceful and safest living environment. It offers great programs of second residency to foreigners. It has its borders with Costa Rica and Honduras. It has a population less than 10 million and more two million people living in its capital city “Managua”. This country is blessed with unlimited natural beauty resources and long, unspoiled golden sandy beaches. Though it is one of the poorest countries of central America as a second poorest country yet it is a safe country with affordable living and easy residency options. Despite being a poor country, its economy is growing rapidly every year chiefly due to tourism, Panama Canal and other developing industries. Land, Taxes, investment and cost of living is much easy to meet in Nicaragua.

Great Facts About Nicaragua

  • Nicaragua Currency is “Nicaraguan Córdoba”

1 USD = 31.15 Nicaraguan Córdoba

  • Nicaragua Official Language is “Spanish”
  • Nicaraguan Passport Ranking 44th
  • Nicaraguan Passport Visa free countries 114 (including Europe & UK)
  • Capital City is Managua.
  • Most Popular city for tourists is Granada.
  • Baseball is the national sport.
  • Nicaraguan most foods include Corn.
  • Nicaraguan Population = 6,284,757

Nicaragua flag

Obtaining Nicaraguan Residency:

                Nicaragua offer comparatively easy and affordable residency programs. Like Panama Permanent Residency programs, it also has flexible temporary residence permits for those who have steady monthly income. There are some great options of settlement available to foreigners.

Pensioner Visa Program:

                This is the easiest residency program for those who are at least 40 years old and have steady and permanent income minimum 600 US dollars. This visa grants minimum 1 year’s temporary residency in Nicaragua which is extendable. But the only problem with this visa is age limit. Candidate who are younger than 40, not eligible to apply this visa. However, there is another program available to young age candidates. The source of income must be legal and documented because applicant have to submit documents of income source.

Rentista Visa:

                This program is similar to Nicaraguan pensioner visa but the good thing in this program is that candidate under 40 years’ age also can apply for this residency visa program. There is no age limit to apply this visa. However, the minimum monthly income required to apply this visa is 750 US dollars. This income can be generated from any legal way like fixed bank deposit, rent of property, income from some insurance or trust and share certificates etc. The main thing is that candidate have to submit income source documents as a proof of steady and permanent income. This visa also grants minimum 1 year’s temporary residence permit.

Nicaraguan Investment Program:

                This program is for the investors who wants to invest in Nicaragua. Investment can be made in any sector. However, the minimum amount required for investment is 30000 US dollars. It can be used to buy land, some real estate or some other purpose.

Nicaragua Temporary Residence & Permanent Residence:

                Besides programs explained above, foreign students, work permit holders, Refugees and person married to Nicaraguan citizen are also eligible for Nicaraguan Residence permit. Generally, the first step toward Nicaraguan citizenship is Temporary Residence permit(TRP) which can be obtained by the ways which are mentioned above. After living three on TRP, foreigners can apply for Nicaraguan permanent residence which is normally issued for five years and can be extended unlimited times. After living 4 to 5 years on PR, applicant is eligible to apply Nicaraguan Citizenship. When citizenship is granted, an application for Nicaraguan passport can be made. The person who gets permanent residence by marrying a Nicaraguan citizen, he/she can apply citizenship after two years of living on Permanent residence.

Visa free countries to Nicaragua:

                There are 91 countries of which passport holder do not a visa to enter Nicaragua and can stay up to 90 days without any visa.  The list of those countries is given below according to Wikipedia.

 All European Union citizens



Antigua and Barbuda












Costa Rica


El Salvador




Hong Kong










Marshall Islands



New Zealand








Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

San Marino

Sao Tome and Principe

Saudi Arabia


Solomon Islands

South Africa

South Korea

South Ossetia



Trinidad and Tobago




United Arab Emirates

United States



Vatican City

Nicaragua Tourist Visa Requirements:

                Nicaragua issues tourist visa for a period of maximum 90 days. Travelers need to get a tourist visa in advance form Nicaragua consulate or embassy. If there is no embassy of Nicaragua in applicant’s country or nearby country, application can be sent to official email address of Nicaragua Immigration with following scanned documents.

  1. Application Form for Nicaragua tourist visa.
  2. Indicate on the application form: Reason for Trip, time of stay, who covers travel expenses.
  3. Biodata page of the visitor’s passport
  4. Refer if you have residency or visas of other nationalities (USA, Schengen, Canadian) and accompany the documentation that proves it.
  5. Demonstrate economic solvency (proof of employment, salary, bank account statement, etc.)
  6. Address and telephone number of the current residence of the visa applicant.
  7. Identification of the inviter (identity card or passport).
  8. Name of the person who invites you, address and phone / cell phone number,
  9. Address of the place where you would be staying (hotel, domiciliary).
  10. Letter of commitment from the visa applicant or the inviter, to guarantee the departure from our country once the visit is over.
  11. Indicate the nearest Nicaraguan consular office to notify you of the visa (if approved) in case there is no consulate in your country, you have the option of receiving a border visa (you must attach a flight itinerary, and the visa will be received at any of the border posts in Nicaragua).
  12. Apply for the visa at least 7 days before the trip.

Email address of Nicaragua Immigration: [email protected]

                                                                  [email protected]

Visa Application Process:

                If there is no embassy of Nicaragua in your country, just send an email for visa information at anyone of email ids given above, immigration will reply you within a week with complete instructions of visa application process and visa application form. You have to fulfill the visa requirements and send to immigration through email. After processing you will be given an approval and you can take flight to Nicaragua. At Nicaragua airport, you can get on arrival visa on the bases of approval which you have got through email. This on arrival tourist visa can be extended and can be converted into other visa.

                This visa application process is quite suitable for Pakistani citizens as there is no embassy of Nicaragua in Pakistan. so these are the Nicaragua tourist visa requirements for Pakistanis but requirements for other countries nationals are not much different. Indian citizens also need to meet the above requirements for Nicaragua tourist visa. As Spanish is the official language of Nicaragua, so all documents must be translated into Spanish from an authorized translator as well translated documents need to be attested from ministry of foreign affairs before submission for any type of visa. Normally documents which need to be translated are:

  • Passport biodata page
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Bank account statement
  • Marriage/no marriage certificate
  • Any other business or job documents.

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