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How to Apply France Visa online from anywhere in the world?

European country France is a member of Schengen area and European Union. France Schengen visa holder can visit all 26 Schengen member states within the total period of visa validity. France immigration issues different types of visa for different purposes like visit visa for tourism, business, visiting family/friend or medical treatment, study visa, work permit and airport transit etc. Each type of visa has its specific requirements and application process. France short stay visa is issued for a maximum period of 90 days; it is normally known as visit visa or short stay type “C” visa. You will be able to know all about France Short stay visa requirements and application process in this article.

How to Apply France Visa online from anywhere in the world?

France visa applicants are required to apply online first at the official online application portal by France immigration. You can check whether you need a visa to France or not at this website by clicking on 1st Box “Do you need a visa” at the home page of this website. If you need a French Visa, you can start your France Visa application by clicking on 2nd box “Start your Visa Application Online at the home. There is an option of changing language of website which can be found at top right corner of this website; you can choose your desired language to fill the form.

Before you start you visa application, you have to create a free account at this website by using your email address and your name. Once you have created your account, you are able to login your free account to start your visa application online. You have to provide the following information in order to fill online application forms:

  1. Your Plans for Trip to France:
  • Place or country where you submitting application.
  • City of the country where you can visit France embassy(city name appear automatically when you select country).
  • What type of visa do you want to apply?
  • Your main destination of stay.
  • Number of days you want visa or to stay in France.
  1. Your Travel document information:
  • Your Passport number.
  • Your passport type.
  • Passport issuing country.
  • Passport issue date and expiry date.
  1. Your Plans:
  • Your plans like tourism, Business, medical treatment or visiting family or friend.
  • Your main purpose of travelling.
  1. Your personal information:
  • Sex/Gender.
  • Marital status.
  • First name & last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Country of birth.
  • Nationality.
  • National id card number.
  • Address & contact information.
  • Other country visa if have.
  • Any family relation in France or Europe.
  • Your current job/occupation.
  1. You Schengen visa history:
    • Any Schengen visa obtained in past.
    • Any fingerprints for Schengen in past.
  2. Details of your stay in France:
  • Your planned departure and arrival date.
  • Number of days to stay in France.
  • Number of entries you want.
  • Other purpose of stay if any.
  1. Information about your contacts in France.
  • Your accommodation in France by a person, an organization or hotel booking (hotel reservation).
  • Who will bear expenses or your trip (form of funds).

After providing all information, you will get two things which you must download for further process. The first thing is Schengen visa application form which is generated and filled automatically and second thing is receipt of online application with bar code, your application and a checklist of supporting documents which are required to submit at France embassy. You will get a confirmation email and links of these two forms at the email address you have already given while applying online. You can download and print these two forms any time and both are mandatory. After downloading, you need to take print of Schengen visa application form which is already filled, you have to affix your white background photo on it, sign and put date only. Along with your visa application form and application receipt, you need several documents for France Short stay visa application.

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France Visa Requirements:

Applicants are required to submit several documents for France visa. These documents vary from case to case according to purpose of visit and current situation of visa applicant. There may be some difference in required documents due to applicant’s nationality and country of current residence. However, the following documents are required along with visa application:

  1. Dully filled and signed visa application mentioned above along with the receipt.
  2. Two fresh photographs.
  3. Valid Passport with some blank pages.
  4. Flight itinerary round trip (reservation only) as filled in online visa application form.
  5. Proof of accommodation as filled in online visa application form.
  6. Any travel history; it is not a necessary for France visa but if you have any travel history, you should present it as it is a plus point. It shows that you are a genuine tourist and never overstay.
  7. A covering letter describing your introduction, occupation, source of income, your purpose of travel, duration of stay abroad, departure and arrival, your funds, accommodation etc. It is very effective way to satisfy your visa officer as you can explain many things to satisfy visa officer which other document cannot do.
  8. Marriage certificate if married.
  9. Proof of funds; Bank account statement of last six months with sufficient amount at least 120euro per day of stay in France.
  10. Copy of ID card.
  11. Travel Medical health insurance with coverage of 30,000 Euro. You do not need to pay this heavy amount. This travel insurance will cost you a few euro only; around 30 Euro. Learn about Cheap Travel Insurance.
  12. You have to provide documents of your occupation whatever you have put in online application form. For example:
  • If you are a businessman, you have to provide your business documents like business registration certificate, Tax documents, business account statement.
  • If you are in employment, you have to provide your job documents like NOC from department, salary slips or salary account statement, covering letter from department regarding your job description and permission of leave.
  • Students need to get covering letter from institute.
  1. If you have invitation letter or sponsor from France, you should provide it and mention it while filling online visa application form.

These France visa requirements and documents are given here for reference only. You can find exact and accurate documents on the receipt which you get after filling online visa application form.

French visa application appointment:

Once you have filled online visa application form and arranged all required/supporting documents, you can proceed to appointment because you cannot submit documents and visa application directly to French embassy. If you are applying France visa from Pakistan, you can make an appointment through AEG travel services You have to visit AEG visa application center for making appointment at France embassy. A list AEG visa application centers can be found at You cannot make appointment online or through phone call rather you have to visit visa application centers personally. You need to Pay 60 Euro visa fee and AEG service charges up to 10 euro. After getting appoint from AEG, you can visit France embassy to submit visa application; you may be asked several question like an interview at the time submission of visa application in France embassy, so be prepared and cleared about your trip details. You may be asked different question about your occupation, education, your sufficient funds for journey, your trip, activities in France etc. you have to satisfy visa officer that you will not overstay in France and leave France within visa.

If you are applying France visa from India, you can submit visa application through which is an authorized visa application center for France visa. You can Schedule your appointment online at this website.

If you want to apply France visa from Dubai or UAE, you can apply though VFS Global by making an appointment online. Requirements are almost same whether you apply from your home country, or some other country but you should have legal status and long term visa like work visa, residence permit/Iqama etc. on visit visa, you are not allowed to apply visa of third country unless there is some exception.

All applicants need to provide biometrics (fingerprints & photo) at embassy or visa application center as it is required for visa application, so applicant need to visit visa application center personally. There may be some exception for personal appearance, if applicant have already given bio metrics for Schengen visa.

Please bear in mind, invitation letter is not a requirement for France tourist visa, however, it is mandatory if the purpose of your tours is business, visiting friends/family. Short stay visa for medical treatment purpose requires recommendation from doctors of your home country and acceptance for treatment from Doctors in France.

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