Good News About Personal Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia 2023

Personal Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia:

If you are thinking of inviting your friends and family members to Saudi Arabia, they will need a valid personal visit visa of Saudi Arabia. Any relative living in Saudi Arabia as a Saudi national or resident can send an invitation to a relative living anywhere in the world. You can use the family visit visa to invite any person to Saudi Arabia. The visa update we are going to share today was announced a few months ago by the government but they have made some changes. You can do Umrah or Hajj and visit your friends living in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier there was an announcement of a visa that will allow Saudi residents to invite 5 persons to Saudi Arabia but unfortunately, this initiative was not completed. As per old laws if a person wanted to invite someone they had to show their business worth and reason for inviting someone such as the need for an employee in the company. One of the main requirements is that the person should be a Muslim. This facility is now available for Saudi residents only. Before you move forward with your application for a personal visit visa of Saudi Arabia there is some information you should know such as eligibility requirements.

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Eligibility Requirements For Personal Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia:

  • We have given some of the mandatory eligibility requirements for passport-holder applicants. The requirements will be different for each country.
  • The applicant should have a valid passport with a six months validity and two blank pages.
  • Declaration form if carrying any currency and a Saudi online visa application.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs with a white background.
  • Every applicant should have an Authorized letter of invitation given by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Medical insurance from Enjaz, which is approved by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A copy of the return Ticket should be attached to the documents.
  • Hotel booking receipt according to the stay duration.
  • To apply for a personal visit visa of Saudi Arabia, you can visit their official eVisa website:

Length of Saudi Personal Visit Visa:

According to the Saudi government, people visiting on a private visa can stay for 90 days once they arrived in the kingdom. ‘Al-Ziyarat Al-Hajhiyyah’ (Personal Visit) invitation is now possible for Saudi citizens. The guests are also allowed to visit all areas including Makkah and Madinah. You can apply for the Umrah visa through the online ‘Al-Tashirat’ platform by visiting this link:

Personal Visit visa Cost:

The cost of the tourist eVisa with the fee for full health insurance is Saudi Riyal 535. On the other hand, the cost of the tourist eVisa on arrival is Saudi Riyal 480. You can apply through a travel agent to save time, keep in mind they charge a small validation service to ensure all of the documents are correct. They will be responsible for generating the E-number including the courier fees for submitting & collecting the visa from the Saudi embassy located in your country.