Is Telenor Going To Close In Pakistan?

Is Telenor Going To Close In Pakistan?

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology has recently disclosed information about “Is Telenor going to close in Pakistan?” In a tweet on Wednesday, it was said ‘The additional Secretary was aware that telecom companies are facing difficulties due to the closure of Location services (LCS). He spoke about the problems faced by telecom companies. Earlier, in the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology, IT Ministry officials said that an international telecom company has decided to close and leave Pakistan due to the bad economic situation.

In a meeting carried out by Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali, a member of the National Assembly on Wednesday, the Ministry of Information Technology, while giving a briefing, said that a large telecom company is leaving due to bad economic conditions in the country. We can see many people posting on social media about the ongoing complaints of pathetic Telenor signals, so we can assume it will be Telenor.

Ministry of IT and Telecom, also said the same statement while briefing the Standing Committee that Telenor has decided to leave Pakistan. The company informed the federal government about the problems of the telecom companies, but the telecom sector is not a part of the government. Yet no progress has been made to resolve the issues.

The members highlighted the concerns regarding the poor services across the country, on which the officials said that there are problems with taxes and Location services (LCS) in the telecom sector, and the advance telecom equipment is not importing due to the non-opening of Location services (LCS).

Why Everyone Is Complaining About Telenor?

We cannot deny the fact that the quality of mobile and internet service of Telenor is very poor across the country. The signals are weak in major cities of the country including Karachi, while internet service is not available on motorways during travel.

Due to the bad economic conditions, telecom companies are avoiding coming into the telecom sector. The main reason for non-standard internet in the country is the non-opening of Location services (LCS). This is because of the ban on Location services (LCS) in the telecom industry by the State Bank. It seems like State Bank doesn’t care about the public.

As per additional Secretary IT ‘where will you get a stable internet connection when you don’t import machinery? Currently, there is a shortage of fiber optic in the country, fiber optic is not available as it should be, while the internet is running through microwave signals.


So far no statement has been issued by Telenor officially, however, on Wednesday night, the Ministry of IT denied the news saying that the talk of “Is Telenor going to close in Pakistan?” is out of context and not official. The IT officials had told us that Telenor has decided to leave Pakistan and it is surprising that the ministry has now denied this news. We cannot confirm any news until it’s shared by Telenor itself. We suggest you keep visiting our website for the latest news regarding this topic.