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How to Get Final Exit Without Kafeel

Are you looking for information regarding How to get final exit without Kafeel? Then you are in the right place. Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia finally decided to relieve expatriates under Huroob status. The procedure to get final exit without Kafeel is quite difficult but possible. In order to travel home country there are some conditions that an expatriate needs to fulfill that include filing a case in Saudi Labor Court. We will be discussing all the scenarios below.

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Information About Legal Steps to Get Final Exit without Kafeel

  • First thing you can do is surrender to deportation authorities by going to your home country embassy in Saudi Arabia.
  • Make sure you don’t have any pending fine and penalties on your Iqama number.
  • You should have enough money to afford your home country one way ticket from Saudi Arabia.
  • Now your home country embassy will request Government of Saudi Arabia that they take Huroob responsibility. Expatriate will have next 72 hours to final exit without Kafeel.
  • This 72 hours duration is very significant and ensure that there are no pending documentation work during this period.

How to Get Final Exit Without Kafeel? Follow this Detailed Procedure:

  • Visit your home country embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia to register your final exit application.
  • After registering your application they will do a full background check if your have any criminal record or history.
  • You need to be confident will submitting your application or otherwise if they find out you are in Huroob, you will be jailed.
  • No need to worry if you don’t have the passport (as your Kafeel has it). You can apply for an emergency one way passport through consulate or embassy in Saudi Arabia.
  • When your emergency passport is received you will be further escorted to deportation authorities to scan your finger prints.
  • Once all the work is completed you will be documents to final exit without Kafeel (under Huroob status). If everything is done right you will be deported successfully without going to jail.


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