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PTA Tax Calculator 2023 – PTA Mobile TAX Calculator Online.

PTA Tax Calculator 2023:

Enter the price of your phone:

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) increased the PTA Tax duties on 22 August 2023. They are imposed on importing new mobile phones into Pakistan. We are seeing a sharp increase day by day in these duties and taxes. The motive of the Federal Government for this initiative is to discourage the import of smartphones into Pakistan. They want to encourage smartphone manufacturers to local production plant establishments in the country.

All types of devices using a sim card should clear the duties and taxes fixed on the custom values based on their models and brands. According to the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) regulations, only those phones whose customs duties have been paid will be allowed to use a local sim card. That’s why a PTA Tax Calculator 2023 is provided below for your ease. You can calculate your smartphone PTA fee with the help of this table.

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How to Use PTA Tax Calculator 2023:

People who are using a smartphone that is not verified should pay its duty ASAP or it will not be recognized by the PTA system and will be eventually blocked after working for 2 months. After that, your smartphone will not be able to work on any cellular network. For your information, the registration fee for mobile phones is cheaper and applicable on a passport within 60 days of arrival in Pakistan. Below is a table to calculate the exact tax value imposed on your smartphone:

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PTA Tax Calculator 2023 for Different Samsung Models Bases on their Value in USD:

Value of Cellphone in USD PTA Tax in PKR.

$1-$30 Rupees 550

$31-$100 Rupees 4323

$101-$200 Rupees 11561

$201-$350 Rupees 14661+17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

$351-$500 Rupees 23420+17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

$500 and above Rupees 37007+17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

We are presenting PTA TAX calculator for our readers. If you want to calculate PTA TAX, you can know know the exact amount of TAX using our free calculator. All you have to do is, just enter the price of your phone, the country where you purchased it, and your email. That’s all , our automatic calculator will let you know the exact amount of TAX for your phone.

PTA TAX Calculator 2023:

Enter the price of your phone:

If calculator doesn’t work for some reasons, you do not need worry. As you are submitting your email, we will analyse the price of your phone  and might send the TAX value to your email, so please keep an eye on your inbox. Therefor, you should give a try to our free PTA TAX calculator 2023.

PTA Tax calculator for Different iPhone Models Based on their Models:

iPhone Model PTA Tax in PKR

iPhone 7 & 7+ Rupees 36,554

iPhone 13Pro Max Rupees 73,819

iPhone X to 12 Series Rupees 69,814

iPhone 8 & 8+ Rupees 49,118

iPhone 13Pro Rupees 72,838

iPhone 14Pro Rupees 115,751

What is Sales Tax Ad Valorem?

Ad Valorem is a type of sales tax charged on the financial value of the taxed item. If you are running a smartphone importing business, you will be charged a base tax plus a 17% sales tax depending on the total value of the smartphone when paying the Tax for the PTA approval. This is why the new PTA Taxes for each new mobile will not be the same as they will be decided according to the market value of the phones.

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