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BPI – BPI Express Online Banking Updated Enrollment Process.


What is BPI Express Online?

Bpiexpressonline is an online banking system launched by BPI where consumer can easily access their bank account, control and manage his money online. This service is available free of cost. Users can access bpiexpressonline system through internet browser or BPI App. This system have made the Banking convenient for users. With just a few clicks clients of bpi can enjoy a lot of services as listed below:

  • Bill payment
  • Fund transfer and Transactions history
  • Balance inquiry etc.
  • BPI Express Link and BPI Express Online Banking.

As mentioned above BPI express online banking system is for individual to manage their cash and to use other features like Balance inquiry, Bill payment, Fund transfers and Access transaction history etc. whereas BPI Express Link is made for corporate clients. it has almost all features of bpiexpressonline but it has some additional features too like upload of payroll, payment of BIR TAX, payment transaction and payment collations etc.

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How to Enroll BPI Express Online in Easy Way?

The bank of Philippine Islands offer different types of bank account like checking accounts, deposit accounts and credit cards etc. depending on type of bank account or credit there is little difference in registration process of BPI Express Online Banking. This enrollment procedure sometimes also depends on the location of service users. However, we are going to share enrollment process for most types of cases.

Step 1:

First of visit the official website of BPI Express Online Banking by Clicking Here. you will see homepage of this website like this shown in the picture.


Step 2:

All you need to click on “Enroll Now” button to start the registration or enrollment process of online banking system. You can see the position of “Enroll Now” button in the following screenshot:


Step 3:

After clicking Enroll Now, on next page you have to choose the account type or service type which you want to use for enrollment. Usually the following options are available to choose

  • Enrollment an ATM Based.
  • Enroll a Passbook-based.
  • Enroll a BPI Europe Account.
  • Enroll a BPI Credit Card Account.
  • Enroll A BPI Debit Mastercard

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For other types of account, you have to get BPI Express Online service activated first and then you can enroll here.

You will see a page like this, where you can choose any option mentioned above.

Enrollment for BPI ATM Based Accounts:

Choose the first option Enroll an ATM-Based account and click Continue.

On very next page you have to choose you location.

If you are inside Philippines, choose > Within Philippines and click continue>

On next page read the agreement terms & conditions and click the box with text > I have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions > and Click Continue.

On the next page choose your account type and enter the account number and then click Submit button



With very little difference the enrollment process is same as explained above. All you have to choose your account type or card type, then choose your location and then accept the agreement conditions, final enter the details of you account and submit.

You will see a confirmation page with confirmation details. Now it is time to activate your BPI express online banking account. There are different ways to activate it.

BPI Express Online Enrollment Confirmation:

ATM-based accounts within Philippines

  1. You have to go BPI ATM machine to finalize the activation process of your bpi express online banking account.
  2. Insert the card into ATM machine and enter the secret PIN of your ATM Card.
  3. Now Tap on Special Services and then Tap Activate and then Tap Enrollment Express Online.
  4. You need to wait for five minutes, after you can see your online account.


Outside Philippines ATM-Based Accounts:

After applying online, system will send an email to you. You have to print out the form. You should fill the form and sign it.  Now you should send this form to following address of Bank.

BPI Fulfillment Banking Department
9th Floor BPI Card Center
8753 Paseo de Roxas Makati City 1200, Philippines

You will receive an email from the bank once your application process is completed and online banking is activated for your account.

BPI Passbook-Based Accounts:

After applying online, system will send an email to your registered email address. You have to print out the form. You should fill the form and sign it.  Now you should send this form to following address of Bank.

BPI Fulfillment Banking Department
9th Floor BPI Card Center
8753 Paseo de Roxas Makati City 1200, Philippines

You will receive an email from the bank once your application process is completed and online banking is activated for your account.

BPI Credit card account

First of all visit the official web portal of BPI Express Online Banking by Clicking Here. then Find BPI Login tab with the title of “Online Banking Login”. You will find “Enroll Now” under “ Online banking Login”, so just click on “enroll now” and  then choose BPI Credit Card Account and then click continue. Now you have to accept the agreement terms & conditions. So click on I accept….. and click continue. On the next page, enter the information of your account and click submit. You will see a confirmation page.

Five minutes after doing this procedure, you can now use BPI Login Portal which is title with “ Online banking Login”.

BPI Express Online Login

To use your online enrolled account , you have to login first in BPI express online banking system web portal. For bpi login, you have two options; one the browser and second The BPI smart phone app. Both methods are quite easy.

BPI login Through Web Browser:

to login through a web browser, you have to open the official website of Bank of Philippine Island which . just click on this link and it will open website in new tab of your browser. Now you have to click on “Online Banking Login”. You can click it you can choose the new interface of bpi online portal. If you want to login into latest and update portal, then click on “Try BPI Onlie Beta”. Beta version have addition features and new look. Well after clicking online banking login, you have to enter your User Id and Password and then submit. Now you can access you BPI online banking account.

bpi beta


Smart Phone BPI App

This is very convenient and easy to use app. All you have to download this app whether android play store like google play store or AppStore (iOS). You need to download and install this apply in your phone. Once you installed and opened this application, you will see so many options there. You have to Tap on “Accounts”. Now it is time to enter your BPI login User id and password and Tap the login button. It will take you inside your account, you can access all features associated to your account.

bpi app

bpi app login


BPI, full name The Bank of Philippine Islands offer wide range of services both inside country as well as overseas. People usually search bpi express online or bpiexpressonline on google. BPI is called Bangko ng Kapuluang Pilipina too in Filipino language. In fact, this the first bank in Philippines country and South East Asian countries. BPI is a universal bank providing a wide variety of services, financial offers and products for almost all types of customers like retail and corporate clients. it is the second largest bank in the ranking of market capitalization and third largest bank in assets’ terms. BPI has huge network of branches, BPI ATMs and BPI Cash Deposited machines. More than 800 BPI branches and 3000 ATMs and CDMs exist in Philippines, Hong Kong and Europe. Investment Banking, Corporate banking, foreign exchange, leasing, consumer banking, money lending, insurance, security brokerage and asset management are the part of services provided by The Bank of Philippine Islands. Customer service, Excellence, Loyalty, Teamwork, Integrity and Concern for People are the core values of BPI.



Here is the list of most popular products which are being offered now a days:


BPI family auto loan
BPI family housing Loan
BPI family Ka-Negosyo Loan
BIP Personal Loan.

Credit Cards
BPI family Savings Bank Credit Card
BPI Credit Card
Prepaid/Gift Cards
Amore Visa Prepaid
ePay Master Card

Investment accounts application/Client suitability Assessment

Telegraphic Transfer Form

Auto Debit Arrangement Subscriber Form.
Other merchants

Services and Features of  BPI Express online Banking.

It is no doubt, a great service offered by this bank. This system alone is enough to meet all the needs bank account holders. Let’s share what features you can enjoy with your online banking system.

Bank account statement

To get a bank account statement, you don’t need to visit bank branch in person. You can see the bank account statement online through this web portal. It will help to check all activity related to your bank account such as payment received, payment send, bill payment and all other transactions.

Bill Payment

This system enables you to send payment to almost 300 merchants. You can buy goods online and send their payment online and also other types bill through web portal or mobile phone with faster system with going anywhere and sitting at home or anywhere.

Online Investment

This is another amazing feature of this system. you can make investment related transaction and payments online very easily. But you have to open an investment account first in order to do online investment related activities.

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