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Mexico Visa Info & Visa Process and Mexico Visa Free Entry.

Mexico is a beautiful country with fascinating culture and rich history situated between US and Central America. Mexico is gateway to USA for the immigrants from South America, North America, Central America and Caribbean’s however this situation is getting changed now because of Trump’s recent policies. Mexico is 10th biggest host for foreign workers as it has provided jobs to 73% to 74% people. Mexico has wide visa and immigration policies which varies from country to country. Before planning to travel to Mexico, you should understand your legal situation and Mexico immigration policy for your country of nationality, so that you may understand whether you really need a Mexico visa or you can visit Mexico without visa.

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Quick Facts about Mexico:
• Spanish is National Language of Mexico but 68 regional languages are also there.
• “Mexico City” is capital city of Mexico.
• Mexico citizens have visa free/visa on arrival entry to 144 countries; with 24th passport ranking.
• 130404200 people live in Mexico 11th most populated country in the world.
• It was the Mexico which introduced chocolate, corn and chilies to the world.
• The largest source of immigration to the United States is from Mexico.
• Football is most popular sport in Mexico.
• Mexico City is located on a lake; it is sinking 15 to 20cm every year.
Mexico citizenship can be applied after living total 5 years legally in the country.
Mexico PR can be applied after 4 years living on temporary residence.

Mexican flag

Do i need a visa to go to mexico?
According to Mexico Immigration laws the following countries’ nationals do not need a visa to enter Mexico and stay up to 180 days in the country:

European Union All European Union citizens
Costa Rica
Hong Kong
Marshall Islands
New Zealand4
San Marino
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago
United States10
Vatican City

The above list has been taken from . Citizens of these countries don’t need an advance to Mexico. But this visa free entry is only for tourism or business meetings type purpose. No work is allowed on this visa free entry.
Mexico Visa Free entry:
Mexico offers visa free entry under some conditions for tourism, business or transit purpose. According to the Mexico immigration laws, nationals of any country with any passport can enter Mexico and stay up to 180 days if they have any type of valid visa or permanent residence of the following listed countries:
• United States of America
• United Kingdom
• Canada
• Japan
• Schengen Countries (European Union)
Persons who have any type of visa with any duration even visit visa holder can also enjoy visa free travel to Mexico but visa must be valid on the day of entering to Mexico. This visa free entry does not grant any right to work in the country. This is only for touristic or business meetings like unpaid activities. Travelers who wish to work in Mexico they must apply for work permit.

Do you need a passport to go to Mexico?

Nationals of United States and Canada who want to visit Mexico, they need to have their passport with them or WHTI-compliant travel document. all passenger going to Mexico by air, they must carry their passport. however, visiting by land, US and Canadian may have exemption at Mexico Port of entry but it may create problem if travel without passport especially when back entering to USA because USA laws are very strict for entry.
Mexico Visa free entry Requirements:

Though Mexico offers visa free entry under some circumstance yet travelers who are entering Mexico they must arrange some documents which can be checked at Mexico airport. Documents needed to visit Mexico without visa are listed below:
• 6 months’ valid passport
• A valid visa or permanent residence of the USA, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, or Schengen countries.
• FMM application form fully complete which is provided on the flight or point of entry.
• Return or onward flight ticket to show that you will not overstay in the country.
• hotel reservation as a proof of accommodation.
• Purpose of your trip to Mexico like travel itinerary, invitation of the company, company contract, etc.
• Proof of sufficient funds.
Mexico Visa Info:
Mexican embassy issues different types of short term and long term visa. Visa requirements are different for each visa type. Normally embassy issues business visa, tourist visa, work visa for short term and long term, student visa short term and long term and family reunification visa etc. we are going to explain visa requirements and process for tourist visa and business visa which are short term visit visas. As far as work visa is concerned, you need to arrange a job offer/job contract first to apply for Mexico work visa however visit visa holder can apply for work permit after entering Mexico. A college acceptance letter is required to apply for student visa.
Mexico Tourist Visa requirements:
Tourist visa is issued only for tourism purpose and visitors are not allowed to work in Mexico during the duration of their visit visa. Normally applicants need to arrange and submit the following documents to the embassy or consulate:
• Dully completed visa application form which can be downloaded from Consulate’s website.
• Passport valid for 6 months.
• Passport size photo with white background.
• Back account statements must be certified by the bank.
• Bank account maintenance letter from the bank.
• Income Tax Returns. (personal & business whichever is applicable)
• If applicant is in employment, a covering letter from employer/department including information about job, joining date, designation, salary etc.
• Three months’ pay slips in case of employment.
• In case of business, applicant have to submit business documents.
• Hotel reservation as a proof of accommodation.
• If applicant is student, covering letter should be obtained from current educational institute.
• Visa fee is 36 US dollars.
• If spouse is traveling with main applicant, marriage certificate will be needed.
• If child is traveling with main applicant, child birth certificate will be needed.
• If applicant own some property, it should be mentioned to embassy.
Mexico Business Visa requirements:
Tourist visa and business visa can be used for same purposes however; business visa is normally business like activities. Requirements for this visa are same as tourist visa but there are some additional documents which are necessary for business purpose. For example:
• Applicant must have a registered business or have legal connection with registered business which can be proved with documents.
• An invitation letter from Mexico business organization is required.
Note: all documents except hotel reservation, passport must be translated into Spanish language form an authorized translator and get attested. Translation of documents is mandatory for all type of visas.

Mexico Visa application Process:
An Advance appointment is required to apply Mexico visa which can be made online at the official website of Mexico embassy. In case of India, online appointment can be made at . There is no embassy of Mexico in Pakistan. Honorary consulates of Mexico in Pakistan are not authorized to accept visa applications; they cannot issue visa, so Pakistani can submit their visa application through email to Mexico embassy in Tehran, Iran which is authorized to accept and issue visas to Pakistani applicants too. Before we have shared information about Uruguay visa for Pakistanis which also can be applied in Uruguay embassy in Tehran, Iran.

visas it is website of Mexico embassy in Iran where Pakistan passport holders can submit their visa applications. At this website you can find Mexico visa requirements for Pakistani citizens and Mexico visa application process. All you need you send an email at [email protected] for guidance, just tell them that you want a tourist visa or business visa, you should mention your name, passport number, your country of nationality and country of living so that they may guide you properly. Normally embassy replies within a week with complete visa application requirements and process as well as Mexico visa application form. In This way you can arrange your appointment in Iran.

Appointment at Mexican Consulate for Mexico Visa:

Recently, Mexico immigration has changed its appointment system regarding visa applications. before, applicants could get appointment by send an email to embassy. but now a days, they have launched an online appointment portal same as many other countries. Now, you have to visit Mexico Online Application portal by Clicking Here. Once you open this link, your first step should be to change the language if it is not your language. you can change the language by clicking US flag on the upper right corner of the page for English. next step is to create an account. after creating an account, you can start visa application online. you can make appointment online. at the end, you will see a receipt type form. you should take a print of it and keep it with when you visit Mexican consulate or embassy to submit your visa application along with your documents. appointment is free of cost but system will let you know of visa application which you have to deposit as visa fee.

All applicants have to visit embassy in person to submit visa application and for personal interview. Normally embassy provides interpreters in Persian, English and Spanish language. Applicant have to arrange Iran visit visa for personal interview in embassy. If visa application is approved, visa will be granted within two working days. Mexico embassy in Iran does not issue long term visas. It issues only short term visa for business, tourism or transit purpose. If you need Mexico work visa, you have to visit Mexico on visit visa, find some job offer then apply for employment visa in Mexico.
Another option for south Asians to submit visa application is UAE as one Mexican embassy exists in Abu Dhabi Non-UAE citizens can also apply Mexico visa in Abu Dhabi but they must have UAE work permit or some type residence visa to apply visa there. UAE visit visa holder cannot apply visa in Abu Dhabi.
Please note: Though we have shared information as accurate as it is possible for us yet all applicants are requested to consult nearby embassy/consulate for more accurate information to avoid any failure because visa application process and requirements vary from country to country and we share general information.
According to Mexico embassy, Entry to Mexico is not guaranteed whether travelers have advance visa or travelling on visa free facility, entry permission purely depends upon Mexico airport immigration.

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