Norway Seasonal Jobs and Free Job Offer.

Norway Seasonal Jobs and Free Job Offer.

Seasonal Jobs– Norway Immigration issues a seasonal work permit for a period of up to 6 months. Less educated people, untrained people who have no degree or training can apply for this seasonal work permit. No education and language is required for this type of work visa. Educated people can also apply for seasonal jobs. If you want to work in Norway during your holidays, you can also work as a seasonal worker in Norway. You do not need any IELTS or other language course for this work permit. However, you should be able to communicate in English Basic level.

Seasonal Jobs Categories:

You can work in 5 fields as a seasonal worker in Norway. You don’t need any education, training, Language course to work in these fields.

  1. Agriculture and horticulture.
  2. Tourism Industry
  3. Restaurant Industry
  4. Fish Processing
  5. Forestry

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Skilled Worker Visa:

If you wish to work in other types of job fields except said above, you can apply Skilled worker visa. You have to have some necessary qualification, experience, diploma, degree, higher education, experience according to the job you wish to do in Norway.

Some Important points to know about Seasonal work permit:

  1. This work permit is valid for only 6 months.
  2. You can work only 6 months in a year as a seasonal worker in Norway.
  3. If you want to work again as a seasonal worker, you have to stay outside Norway for 6 months and then apply for new seasonal work permit. It is not necessary to work always as seasonal worker; you can find different visa in next phase.
  4. You can’t sponsor your family to migrate to Norway.
  5. You can work more than one employer if you have more job offers.
  6. This period of working as a seasonal worker will not be counted if you want apply permanent residence later.
  7. You will get high salary almost equal to local Norwegian Citizens.

Visa Requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years old or above.
  2. You have to pay visa application fee around 5400 Norwegian Krone.
  3. You must get a job offer from A Norwegian employer.
  • Norwegian employer must be registered with Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV).
  • Employer needs to get approval from NAV department to send job offer.
  • For Agriculture and Forestry Jobs, there is no need of approval from NAV.

How to Apply Seasonal Worker Visa:

In order to apply for Work visa, you have to visit official website of Norwegian Immigration by Clicking here.  You will see a page “Want to apply Work Immigration”. Once you have opened the website you should follow these steps.

  1. Enter your nationality and Click on choose. It will take you to the next page.
  2. Here, you will see all types of visas which you can apply based on your country of citizenship. Click on “Seasonal workers”. Please note: you may click on “skilled workers” if you have degree/diploma or training.
  3. Once you have clicked on seasonal worker visa it will take you to the next page where you can see all details and requirements about seasonal worker visa. To apply visa, go down to end of page and click on “How to Apply”.
  4. You can apply by yourself or your employer can also apply for you on your behalf. You can choose it here.
  5. By proceeding this process, you will find the checklist of required documents which are very simple like your passport, photos etc. and will be according to the visa. After arranging documents, you can fill your online visa application form by clicking here and later you have to submit your visa application at embassy.
  6. Before you start application process, you must apply for a job in Norway so that you may get job offer which is first and foremost requirement for seasonal worker visa as well as for skilled worker visa.

How to Get Job Offer from Norway?

Here, I will share the ways to get job offer. The first and the best place to start is the official website of Norwegian Government. You can visit this website by Clicking here. You will find latest vacancies of jobs here. Just select job category and the region where you want job. It will show you the list of jobs. Just click on job title which is suitable for you. You will find all details about job and requirements. Here you will find email id, website or contact number of employer. Just send your CV to the employer. This is simply hired method based on your luck and efforts but if you keep trying it, it can be a creerbuilder for you.

Official website of Immigration and Jobs

  1. Norway Immigration Click here.
  2. List of available jobs Click here.
  3. Norway Labour Department website Click here

Private recruitment agencies.

There are numberless private and online recruitment agencies where employer regularly posts latest job vacancies. Here is the list private recruitment agencies which are suggested by Norwegian labor department.

Staffing and recruitment agencies

  • Academic Work (staffing agency specializing in the hire and / or recruitment of graduates or persons under education)
  • Adecco (staffing agency)
  • Adima (provides personnel in various fields of expertise to the mechanical industry, energy industry, maritime industry and petroleum industry, on and offshore)
  • AMBIO Health (agency for health and care with offices in Norway and Sweden)
  • AMBIO Recruitment (staffing and recruitment company)
  • Azets People AS ( Recruitment and Crew in Accounting, Economics, HR, IT and Administration)
  • BackUp Personnel (crew in customer service and sales, office, technical professions, warehousing and logistics, construction and health)
  • Barona (crew company in agency vacancies, recruitment of managers and specialists, as well as staff and support staff)
  • The staffing bureau (staffing and recruitment company with subjects such as economics and accounting, logistics and drivers, management, office and administration, IT, engineers and warehouses)
  • Bjø (Recruitment in Economics, Accounting and Administration)
  • B2B Sales AS (Recruitment in Sales, Market and Service)
  • Capus HR Management (Recruitment of Leaders and Professionals)
  • Centric (Recruitment in IT, Economy and Archives)
  • ClockWork Crew (masonry company for construction and civil engineering)
  • Christiania personnel  (agency with various positions)
  • Cruit AS (recruitment in IT, management and sales)
  • Dreamwork (recruitment company in sales, management, construction, industry, IT and more)
  • Eterni (recruitment and manning agency with many assignments in construction, industry, production and mechanical)
  • Experis (recruitment in IT, management, engineering and economics)
  • HumanHit (personnel selection and temporary employment services mainly to Oslo, Akershus and Buskerud)
  • Jobzone (crew and recruitment)
  • Kelly Services (recruitment in service, finance and insurance, office and administration, sales, industry and engineering)
  • Lena’s Health Personnel (agency that specializes in healthcare professionals)
  • Logent (crew logistics, distribution, industry and administration)
  • Overview of staffing companies that are members of NHO Service
  • Manpower (crew solutions)
  • Medievikar AS (permanent and temporary positions in the media, communications and advertising industry)
  • NextJob (Crew management)
  • Partner1 Crew (crew solutions for private and public sector)
  • People (crew, recruitment and consulting)
  • People4you (crew and recruitment for permanent and temporary positions)
  • Personalhuset (recruitment and crew company)
  • Prime People (recruitment, rental and HRM counseling)
  • Randstad  (HR and crew solutions)
  • Solid Search & Selection (rekruttering – en del av People4you)
  • Swan crew (crew solutions within construction, industry and other technical fields)
  • Techconsult (staffing in engineering and engineering and project management disciplines)
  • Technogarden Engineering Resources AS (rental and recruitment of technology expertise)
  • (staff selection and temporary service)
  • Toptemp (staffing and recruitment company)
  • Venezu Services AS ( agency and recruitment agency specializing in the hire of personnel in sales and marketing)
  • Verto (crew and recruitment)
  • Workshop Crew & Expertise as (crew specialist in the construction industry – part of the Manpower Group)

Interest and employers’ organizations


You can find an overview of Norwegian newspapers at

These newspapers publish different types of jobs vacancies ads.

You can find job offer using above resources. Once you have got job offer you or your employer can start visa application process.


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