H1B Visa Holders in Problem Due To US Immigration Reforms.

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H1B Visa Holders in Problem Due To US Immigration Reforms.

H1B visa is a non-immigrant work visa which allows US employers to hire foreign workers in special fields with graduate or higher level education. Mostly workers for H1B are recruited in special fields like IT, finance, accounting, architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine, etc. To get h1b visa, bachelor level or higher education is necessary in general. Almost 63% to 75% of H1B visas have been issued to workers from India. New Trump Immigration reforms have put life and career of H1B visa holders in trouble and risk. The new US immigration rules will affect more than 5 lac Indians in upcoming months. Formerly US companies preferred Indian workers and hire them to work in USA with H1B visa because it is non-immigrant visa that’s why it easier and faster to obtain as compare to immigrant visas. More than 500,000 Indians are living in US along with their families. Under the New US immigration reforms made by President Donald Trump, life of H1B visa holder will be very difficult in USA. Trump said that jobs in US are only for US citizens, not for immigrants.

h1b visa

h1b visa

The rules for H1B visa issuance have been made very strict by Administration of Donald Trump. It affected Indian IT companies and their employees badly. L Francis Cissna Director of USCIS (US citizenship and Immigration Services) had already said that it would be really good if we have a law to stop jobs from going to H1B visa holder immigrants. United States Government official have given these comments at an even which was called “Immigration Newsmaker”. This event was held on 15th August in Washington DC by CIS (the Center for Immigration Studies).

During the event Cissna said that if congress passes a law to prohibit the American jobs from going to immigrants and from American workers being replace with H-1B visa holder workers, I will really love this provision. Furthermore, he said the I could draft it myself right now. According to the USCIS data reports for the fiscal year 2017, the number of granted H1B visas was 3.65 lac, of which 75.6% were issued to Indian born applicants. Cissna further stressed that according to the new US Immigration Reforms visa should be granted only to highly qualified people. People who are needed to be in the US, only they should be successful in getting US visa. New Trump immigration policies are going to ban the right of companies to dismiss American employees and replace them with H1B visa workers.
It is worth noting that the Donald Trump administration has stricter H-1B visa issuance rules, a move that has immensely affected Indian IT companies and their workers.

Formerly when foreign applicants applied for h1b visa with insufficient documents, they were given chance by US immigration department to complete their documents. It means they could have a second chance to bring the missing documents on their next visit. Visa officer and immigration policy were friendly. Indians with H1B visas who are already living and working in America, they are also facing problems because of strict behavior and strict background checking which always leads to delay in processing of application. As compare to past, it is not easy to get extension in visas if a visa is going to expire. However, it was much easier to renew h1b visa in past. Moreover, h1b visa processing time and extension getting time is also increased now.

H1B visa holders were able to submit documents and continue to work, even after initial visit period expired. Now a days, if you did so and your h1b visa application gets refused, you will be issued a notice which will order you to appear before an immigration judge in connection of your visa application. If you don’t appear before the judge, you will be deported from the country and have to face a 5 years ban of re-entry to USA.

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