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Live USD to PKR Rates Today,  Dollar To Pakistani Rupee Converter.

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In this page you will find the latest USD to PKR exchange rate. We will share more information about these both currencies USD and PKR apart from dollar rates in Pakistan. As compare to USD, Pakistani rupee is facing the worst fall of value these days. If we look back 1 USD to PKR in January 2018, the rate of one dollar was Rs 110.7 in Pakistan but today it is 139.85 as of 21-1-2019.


The United States Dollar which is also known as USD, US dollar, US $ and American Dollar is an official currency in USA or overseas territories of US. US Dollar is one of the strongest and stable currencies in the world. Formerly the British pound was considered the world most valuable, secure and demanded currency in the world. However, after 20th century, the USD became most popular, secure and highly purchased currency.

Whereas Pakistani rupee is the currency of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. State Bank of Pakistan which is a central bank of Pakistan, controls the issuance of Pakistan rupee.  The Pakistani Rupee is also known as rupees, rupaye, and rupaya. The larger values of Rupees are counted as Lakh (100000), Crore also Karor which is ten million and Arab which one billion and Kharab which is 1 hundred billion.

Based on 100 smaller units of cent it is federal reserve note. Now a days, United States Dollar has become world’s dominating currency and it is being used to make international transactions. There is a rapidly growing tendency among the banks to keep more reserves of Dollar so that they may make investments, pay off debts, make different types of transactions and increase their influence on local exchange rates. USD is being used an official currency of many countries and also as a de facto currency in other countries. The reason why more countries prefer and like US dollars because it is now well estimated that dollar would never be devalue in the future and there will never be any excessive supply of USD. As we can see in Pakistan, US dollar price value is rapidly growing as compare to Pakistan rupee.

Pakistani Rupee could not become an anchored currency ever in the history. The stability of the currency rate depends upon the financial and economic growth of the country. Pakistani rupee to United Stated Dollar exchange rate is very high and Pakistani rupee is facing its word downfall due to instability in financial and economic sector of the country.  PKR to USD exchange rate was very low in the past as it 1 USD to PKR was equal to 1 USD = 18.60 PKR and dollar was its record low at that time. But with the passage of time Pakistani economic, financial and political position went down and dollar exchange rate go high at sky rocket pace. Pakistan need to establish better and stronger economic and financial relations with USA to tackle the worst situation, however existing government of Pakistan trying its best to deal the situation in good and effective way and to control the rapid devaluation in Pakistani rupee.

Serious damage was done to Pakistan’s economy and many other sectors in Past because of political instability and lawyers moment and our Pakistani currency rate went down, resultantly Pakistan had to pay money to import good and the exports were already not enough and whatever were available, sold out at very low price. Consequently, the price of fuel and other commodities went up very high. On the other hand, the inflation and unemployment were at climax. It took Pakistan very long time to come out of this critical situation and crises. Though situation is much better than before Pakistan is try hard to resolve the problems. Pakistan rupee and economy is still in not good condition because Pakistan also facing and fighting again terrorism problem. Though US helped Pakistan in the fight against terrorism but the military aid worth 300 million USD were stopped by USA government which due to be paid to Pakistan as per agreement. Pakistani government taking effective measures to boost the economy. For example, the sitting government is making agreements with foreign countries and inviting them to invest in Pakistan in different fields. Of course foreign investment will help Pakistan to re-alive its economy which will increase the value of Pakistani rupee ultimately.

US Dollar vs Pak Rupee, the CEO of Orient Exchange said that the major cause of fall of Pakistani rupee is that the state bank of Pakistan left the rupee to forces of Market. The Pakistani central bank is not in position to support the PKR because of poor and less forex reserve, widening current account deficit and propose IMR Borrowing plan.


About the Dollar vs Pak rupee, Rajiv Raipancholia, CEO of Orient Exchange, says, “The main reason for today’s fall was that State Bank of Pakistan had left rupee to market forces. The central bank is not in a position to support the rupee due to poor forex reserve, widening current account deficit and proposed IMF borrowing plan. According to the prediction of Raipancholia fall of rupee gave a relief to expats but because of decline in the value of currency rate the people of Pakistan faced inflation and high price.

At our platform you can find everything USD vs PKR, you can find 1 USA to PKR currency exchange open market rates as well you can know the exact live USD to PKR and PKR to USE buying and selling live rates. It is the best place to get live and updates currency interbank rates, we will share international forex rates and open market currency exchange rates at this page.

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