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Latest PowerBall Results – PowerBall Plus Results and SA Lotto Results.

As of 15 February 2019, under South Africa Ithuba National Lottery here are the Results of PowerBall and Powerball plus for the Jackpot of R 212,480,135.13

PowerBall Results:

Winning number for PowerBall are : 42, 19, 37, 43 20 + 17  and 19, 20, 37, 42, 43 + 17 in numerical order.

  • Three lucky people won the fist prize of R 481,856.20

The next PowerBall Jackpot is estimated R 225,000,000.00

and The Date of Next Lukcy Draw for PowerBall Jackpot is 19 February 2019.

PowerBall Plus Results:

according to draw conducted on 15 February 2019 the powerball plus results is given below.

The winning numbers for PowerBall Plus are

27, 13, 19, 07 36 +13

The amount of Jackpot was R 25,354,540.97

Next Draw jackpot is expected R 32,000,000.00

The Date of next Draw is February 19, 2019.

Ithuba holdings are licence holder and operators of South Africa’s National Lottery. Different games are available to be played under SA lottery. here is a list all lottery games available in south Africa.

  1. Lotto
  2. Lotto Plus 1
  3. Lotto Plus 2
  4. PowerBall
  5. PowerBall Plus
  6. PICK 3

Licence of Lottery was granted in 2015 to Ithuba however, it is being monitor by South African Lottery Commission which was lanched in 2000.  Lottery is very popular and rapidly growing industry in South Africa but on the other hand it increase trend of unemployment in the country. People prefer lottery to find a job. In the Beginning Lotto was a very popular game of lottery but recently powerball has become more popular and most played game because of high money prizes, high payout money. There are some conditions are imposed in order to play lottery in south africa.

  • Player must be 18 or above.
  • lottery tickets must be bought from approved retailer or agents or banks.
  • Lottery player must have ID card of South Africa and be a resident of South Africa.

As mentioned above, different games of offered for players who wish to play and win a jackpot. let’s give a breif introduction of lottery games in South Africa.


it is the first game of lottery. in this game, player have to choose six numbers from 1 to 52. a separate number which is known as “Quick Pick” is also need to be chosen however, system can generate at random if player don’t choose it. to win some money under sa lotto results, player need to match at least three numbers. the entry fee is R 5.oo per board.

Lotto Plus 1:

it is played under lotto but it gives another chances to player to win some money. payout prize money is low in this game but still can have a chance to win some money. there is an additional fee of R 2.5o per board to entery Lotto Plus 1.

Lotto Plus 2:

By paying R 2.50 additional fee, a player can has another chance to win some money same as lotto and lotto plus 1. conditions and system is same as lotto. prize money is low but still there is a chance to win.

PowerBall :

The most popular game now a days. in this game player have to choose five numbers from 1 to 45 and one separate number from 1 to 20 which is called powerball. Entry fee is R 5 per board. to win some money, player have to match numbers with main numbers in powerball results.

later in 2015, the condition of powerball were changed which in fact increased the chances of win. After this change, if a player match only powerball number he still can win some prize. before it was necessary to match main number in powerball results and powerball number was only to increase the prize money if matched.

PowerBall Plus:

by paying R 2.5, player can have a second chance to win under powerball. Powerball plus is exactly same as powerball.

How to Play Lottery?

Playing Lottery in South Africa is quite easy and simple. There are many ways to play lottery games in SA. a very simple and easier way is to buy lottery ticket from a retailer however, lottery retailer must be approved by The National Lottery of South Africa. Many retailers and outlets exist all over the country, all you have to see the logo of national lottery first before you buy the ticket.

Play Lottery with FNB Lotto Service

it is also quick and easy way to play lottery if you have bank account in FNB bank. you can play lottery on your laptop and PC browser as well as on FNB app. all you have to open browser, open FNB website, the login to your account and then click on buy TaB and then Play Now.

you can download and install app of FNB in your phone. then login to your account. in the accounts click/tap on Lotto to start playing lottery online.

many other website, apps and companies are also offering services to help you in playing lottery. you can choose any of those you want. but you should be careful and check whether they are legit and approved by The National Lottery or not. you can contact Ithuba National Lottery at 0800 484 822 which is toll free number to help customers. before you use online services to play lottery, you must read their terms and conditions.

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