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Canada visa lottery 2023 – How to apply for Canada visa lottery?

Canada Visa lottery 2023. What is Canada Visa lottery? how to apply for Canada visa lottery 2023? These are most asked question by users who trying to find a way to immigrate to Canada. Visa Lottery seems to be a short cut and effortless way to move to Canada and live there forever. It is especially popular among people who are not good educated and belongs to not developed countries. They are looking for Canadian visa lottery to move to Canada in easy way just by trying their luck in a Lucky draw.

Canadian visa lottery has becoming more popular now days on internet and social media. Many websites are available where you can apply for Canada visa lottery online. It is taken as US green card lottery program. many people also looking for Canada green Card lottery these days. Green lottery is actually permanent residency which gives you right to live and work indefinitely in the country. It means once you have got green card or permanent residency you don’t need to renew your visa every year, you don’t need find job offer for work visa, rather you can live and work anywhere in the country. You will have almost all rights equal to local citizens. But still it is not citizenship however, it is only step away from citizenship. Now you can understand why people especially from African countries like Nigeria always looking Canadian Visa lottery Programs because it is a short cut way to dreamland of Canada.

Canadian Immigration offers nearly 80 programs for those who wish to migrate to Canada. People can apply online in these programs. After Lucky Draw, Invitations to apply or ITAs are given to successful applicants. Successful applicants who receive invitation to apply then can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. In This way we can call it Canada Visa lottery.  This year’s 2023 Canada has plan to give chance to 331000 immigrants to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. It is no doubt a great chance to get Canadian permanent residency.

Canada visa lottery 2023:

 Canada has become a dreamland for almost everybody who wants a better life and bright career. Canada lovers are always looking for some miraculous way to migrate to Canada with less efforts Such  as Canada Lottery Visa Where they can participate in Canadian Lottery and a chance to live in Canada forever. Immigration to Canada is not an easy task, though Canadian Immigration offers many programs to move to Canada yet there is huge competition of candidates so it is not easy for a common person to get selected for immigration programs. Apart from the competition the requirements of Canadian immigration are very hard to met for most of the people

Especially people from under developed countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and African Countries’ citizen mostly remain failed for Canada Immigration Programs.

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What is Visa Lottery?

Canada immigration through Green Card lottery program same as US green card lottery diversity program is in the air now a days. Readers are being misguided due to its resemblance with US lottery program. Green Card means permanent residence of country. Green card holder can live in the country for an indefinite period That’s why green card always looks highly appealing. Many websites, social media groups and WhatsApp groups are promoting Canada visa lottery program 2018-2018. The most attractive aspect of this Canada visa lottery program is that citizens of non-eligible countries for US green card lottery are told to be eligible for Canada visa lotter program. So more and more people are tempted to avail this opportunity. Some users receive links through their email or smartphone and are invited to apply this lottery program via an online application portal. Users have to submit personal information and sometimes credit card information.

                                    However, this Canada visa lottery program, no doubt, is scam and totally Fake. The only way to immigrate to Canada is Express entry run by federal government of Canada with its 10 provinces and three territories. No other program to immigrate to Canada is available by the Canadian government.

                                    Readers are advised not to open the links of such fake and scam website because the information entered by users at this fake website can be misused. There is risk of hacking or steeling information. The information you put in the Green Card application form can be sold to other parties for various purpose. There may be some other purposes of promoting this false program like gain traffic for website etc. I have received many queries through comments, contact us form and email about Canadian Immigration through lottery. But I always tell them that lottery program is only offered by USA immigration which is known as DV Lottery too. Canada is not offering any visa lottery. It is no doubt; Canada offers several other programs but they are not lottery based. They base on your qualification like Education, experience and many other factors, anyways we can’t say lottery.

                                    If there is new program available to immigrate to Canada, it is clearly announced by Canadian officials at their official websites. Keep visiting Canadian immigration official website  to keep aware of latest updates about the ways to immigrate to Canada and stay away from any  short cut scam website. If any fraudulent program or activity is found at any website or any place, it should be reported to Canadian government department of fraud prevention regarding visa and immigration at this address

Conclusion: There is no opportunity of “Canada Visa Lottery” offered by Canadian Immigration. You need to work hard in order immigrate to Canada. To learn all about Canada Immigration Programs, you should rely only on CIC official website as you will find details of all programs offered by Canadian immigration to move to Canada. If you find that you don’t have enough qualification for express entry programs, you can go to Canada by obtaining Canadian Work permit. We have already published latest information regarding Canada work visa process. Read more about Canada Work Visa. But Still there is no Immigrate to Canada through Canada Visa lottery Program.


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