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How to Recharge a HDQ Disposable Vape

Many of you might be thinking about how to recharge a HDQ disposable vape. One of the benefits of a vape is that it can be recharged and used again. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for disposable vapes. However, some vape users might still even try to recharge it for re-use purposes. If you are using an uncharged or empty vape, it will not be enjoyable. In the end, you just get rid of it unless it’s a rechargeable one. In this article, you’ll get all the information about how to recharge a HDQ disposable vape, its alternative, and some safety tips for better understanding.

Can We Recharge a HQD Vape?

Disposable means it’s not meant to be re-used but maybe you will be able to recharge it somehow but it’s not recommended. The reason is simple you need to be highly qualified before you start doing this kind of vape experiment. The main purpose of a HDQ vape is to provide a number of flavor options to those who don’t like to stick with one particular flavor for weeks. Its strictly advised not to attempt recharging the two particular flavors: ice mint HQD or HQD rainbow. People may find it a good value and a worth try but it will be dangerous for your surroundings and yourself. If not done right anything bad can happen. HQD vapes are the best option available in the market when it comes to disposable vapes. If you are new to the vaping community it will be a better option to buy a disposable vape rather than buying a rechargeable one.

Is Recharging a HQD Disposable Vape a Good Idea?

Trust me it’s not. It’s not either safe or easy. Some skills are required to accomplish this task and in the end, you will face more trouble than it’s worth. To recharge a disposable vape you will have to seek help from a tech-savvy expert. All the components used in the HQD vape device can be difficult to understand. What if you end up connecting some main wires to the USB or charger, that could do some serious damage. Don’t forget there is liquid involved and its liquid and electricity are not a good match. People might try to give the lithium-ion batteries another boost found inside the disposable vape. Those batteries are not meant to be used that way. It’s not a good idea to comprise your safety for a few more puffs. To save your time and effort buying a new one is a good choice. It’s a good alternative for beginners and not that expensive. The HQD Brand is worth every penny.

How to Recharge a HDQ Disposable Vape?

Your safety is our first priority and we don’t recommend that you attempt to recharge a HQD disposable vape. That’s why we’ve provided a brief guide on how to recharge a HDQ disposable vape in general.

  • Required tools are a flathead screwdriver, an old Bluetooth speaker, or a USB cable to convert into a charger and some tweezers.
  • Open up the base of the disposable in between the gap with a screwdriver. You will find the battery and the tank there.
  • Search the sensors and wires and don’t forget to put them back once you’re done recharging the battery. Take a picture if anything goes south.
  • Connect wires to the terminals. Connect the color wires correctly or you may end up destroying the device completely.
  • Use the tape to keep everything attached and wait 5-10 minutes before you start taking puffs.
  • Charge for a longer time to get the desired vapor density.

You may feel like you broke the record but we don’t recommend you to mess with the internals of this device.

An Alternative to Recharging Vapes

There are plenty of options available at HQD vapes. There’s literally no point in recharging a vape. There are plenty of options to choose from. As a vape consumer, HQD is a great platform to start from and to take full advantage of its wide variety of different flavors. Get yours today at:

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