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Get legal Status in UAE via Visa Amnesty 2018.

Good News..! The general Visa Amnesty Scheme will start on 1st August in UAE. Foreigners who are living without a legal status in UAE, will now have a chance to get a legal status without any fine or being banned. It is no doubt, a great opportunity for illegal people to rectify their status trough this scheme. expats who have lost their legal status and now are overstaying as well as those who entered in UAE, all can have benefits from visa amnesty.

Visa amnesty scheme will continue from 1st august to 31 October. All individual living illegally in UAE can apply in this scheme.

overstaying people will have to choose one option either get a new visa by paying a small fee or leave country without any “no entry/ban stamp” on passport. Overstaying expats can get a new visa by paying a minimal fee 500AED. Visa application can be submitted through Amer centers after finding sponsor.

Those overstaying people who want to leave UAE, Immigration department will issue an exit permit for them and their finger prints will also be taken for future record. They have to pay a fee of DH220 for exit permit. They will have time period of 10 days to leave the country. However, they will not be banned to re-enter UAE again. They can travel to UAE same as normal travelers again with a valid visa..

Those who entered UAE in illegal way without any visa, they will have only one way to choose; they have to leave UAE. There will be a no entry ban of 2 years for them. It means they cannot go to UAE within two years right after leaving UAE via amnesty. However, they can travel to UAE like a normal traveler after two years with a valid visa.

Absconding report against a person will be removed by immigration without a ban but person have to a fee of DH500 to remove absconding report against him.

Foreigners who have been blacklisted or have legal cases against them in UAE, they cannot apply in visa amnesty. All residency violations will fall under the amnesty scheme

Children can apply for UAE Immigration Amnesty said Barney Almazar, head of legal aid at the Philippine consulate and embassy.As per experienced lawyers and welfare workers, they said “In the case of children and other dependents, we believed children could be sent to their homelands if their relatives in home countries are ready to care for them”.

Applicants should approach UAE immigration department where visas are issued. Permit will be issued by the same immigration department. Passport or consulate issued EC will be required while visiting immigration department. In case of the passport already submitted in any Immigration office the same will be located immediately and handed over to the applicant directly. If passport is not available, the Consulate can issue EC and exit permit will be issued without police report. They will consider requests of the Consulates for repatriation of individuals in special cases.

Applicants who want to apply in visa amnesty they should contact their home country consulate or embassy first as they assisting in application process.

Pakistan missions

Pakistani citizens staying illegally can call embassy in Abu Dhabi at 02-4447800 (Extension 217/337). Those in other emirates can call Dubai consulate at 04-3973600 (Extension 117/118) and 04-3966651.

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Bangladesh embassy

Citizen of Bangladesh can call at 056-6117215


The hotline number for Indian passport holder is 050-8995583 and people can also email their queries to [email protected].