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Saudi Arabia: New rules for Huroob 2022

Today, we will be going to discuss the new rules for Huroob 2022 rules briefly. The Government of Saudi Arabia has published a report consisting of 6 pages with all the necessary updates and information. According to the Al-Watan newspaper, the Ministry of Manpower has issued instructions stating that “some employers file fake reports against their companies or Kafeels. We have summarized the whole 6 pages report and divided them into important points given below.

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Details of New rules for Huroob 2022:


Kafeel can only set Huroob on valid Iqama. Otherwise, if your Iqama is expired online Huroob cannot be set by Kafeel. In order to set Huroob, the company or Kafeel will have to write a letter to proper authorities. You can confidently file a case against your Kafeel if he set Huroob on an expired Iqama. The time period for filing a case is 15 days.

Huroob Reasons

Huroob is set by Kafeel or company for certain reasons. Once a case is filed all the possible reasons are brought to light. For example, the foreign worker is never on duty but is on regular leave. Taking advantage of this, the employer files a complaint against him. Leaving Kafeel without any proper notice, debts, salary problems, and because of being forced into illegal work. Huroob can only be legally set under the first condition (leaving Kafeel without any proper notice). Kafeel can cancel Huroob online within 15 days. After 15 days Kafeel needs to visit Jawazat personally to cancel Huroob. According to new rules for Huroob 2022, upon resuming work for the same company that set Huroob, another Huroob cannot be set for 2 years.

Case Decision and Proof

You and Kafeel will both be asked to negotiate with each other. If negotiation is successful it is Kafeel’s responsibility to make a new Iqama and arrange a duplicate Kafala within 15 days. Kafeel cannot interrupt the progress. Before you file a case ensure that you have evidence. Spoken words will be of no use. Try to provide hard evidence that proves Huroob was set mistakenly. This way case decision will be in your favor.

Ways to File Case

The new rules for Huroob 2022 allow foreign workers to file a case in two ways. It can be filed online or at Maktab Amal offices outside of Jawazat. They provide legal guidelines to expatriates in need of help. Keep in mind if you are arrested in Huroob. Your case will be forwarded to Saudi Government. Even Kafeel cannot help or remove Huroob in this case. For more details  new rules for huroob 2022, please visit the official website of Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia.

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