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Penalty for Expired Final Exit Visa

Most people aren’t aware of the penalty for expired final exit visa. According to the Saudi Licensing Act, the foreign worker who goes to his home country on an exit re-entry visa should return on time. If the departed foreign worker doesn’t return, it’s considered a violation of the law and such persons will be blacklisted for three years. A person on Twitter asked that he got an exit re-entry visa four months ago, but couldn’t travel, and wants to know what is the procedure to get it canceled? “In case you had an exit visa and didn’t use it within the specified duration, it’s important to cancel the visa within the specified period”. If the exit visa is not canceled, the penalty for expired final exit visa is one thousand Saudi Riyals, after which the foreign worker is blacklisted in the licensing system.

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Keep in mind that after obtaining an exit visa, the 60-day period starts and if you cancel the exit visa before the expiration of 60 days there will be no penalties. The 60-day time is given so the worker can make the necessary preparations for the trip and in case of any problem the exit visa can be canceled. Due to the non-cancellation of the 60-day period, the penalty for expired final exit visa should be paid to renew the residence.

Another person discussed a case who was a family driver from India. He left on a leave and couldn’t travel back due to COVID-19. If he extends his stay and exit from the system, can he return to the Kingdom? “Foreigner workers who left on a leave and couldn’t return on time, even if their stay has been canceled and but the file has not been closed completely, then their stay and exit period can be extended. In order to extend the stay and exit period, foreigners who promised to return at the specified time can pay the fee of 100 Saudi Riyals per month for departure and three or six months for an extension of stay. Once the fixed fee has been paid, the foreign worker can know ask the sponsor to extend the period of stay or departure from his ‘Abshar‘ or ‘Muqim’ platform.

It should be noted that even after paying the penalty for expired final exit visa, the extension is only possible only if their file in the Saudi central licensing system is closed due to ‘Kharj Wilm Yad’. If strict violations like Exodus and Return Act are applied, their stay and exit visa cannot be extended. Foreigners who are found violating such laws are banned and cannot come to the country on another visa for up to three years. However, a second visa should be issued to their ex-sponsor with an explanation of the whole situation.

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