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Iqama Lost Fine 2023: What to Do if You Lost Your Iqama?

Iqama Lost Fine 2023: What to Do if You Lost Your Iqama?

There are several actions that need to be taken if you have lost your Iqama in Saudi Arabia. The first thing you will have to do is report it to the police then pay the Iqama lost fine 2023 and get the print of the new Iqama. If you don’t have Iqama, you will be arrested and fined. In order to move freely, the employer should provide Iqama to employees. In case of traveling outside the kingdom, the employer should keep the employee Iqama until they return. If you have a damaged Iqama, it can be replaced with a new one stamped as “Replacement,” with a validity date of the previous Iqama. We will discuss the updated procedure further.

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Iqama Lost fine 2023:

The fee or Iqama lost fine 2023 depends upon the following aspects:

  • Iqama was stolen and a report was made to police within 24 hours = No Fee.
  • First instance = 1000 SR
  • Second instance = 2000 SR
  • Third instance = 3000 SR

What to Do if You Lost Your Iqama? (Employee’s Sponsor)

Step 1: Inform Your Sponsor

The most important step is to inform your sponsor. Tell them that you did a reasonable search but your Iqama is still missing. Kafeel and the GRO of the company are responsible for the employee’s sponsor Iqama. The head of the family is responsible for the dependent’s sponsor.

Step 2: File a Police Report

You can file a police report by visiting the nearest police station Iqama along with the sponsor. You will have to write an application in Arabic and explain how your Iqama was lost. The fee is Zero. The police report is not valid if your Iqama was lost due to any other reason than being stolen. The Iqama lost fine 2023 for the first time is 1000 SR.

Step 3: Arrange Required Documents

If you are an employee then your sponsor will have to visit Jawazat with the following document in order to get a new Iqama. But if a dependent’s Iqama was lost then you can create PDF files of all the mentioned documents.

  • Jawazat (Residence Services) appointment.
  • Download Iqama lost form from the official website and fill it in Arabic.
  • Police report if required in your case.
  • Fee payment for new Iqama.
  • Dependent’s Iqama copy.
  • Dependent’s passport copy.
  • Passport and Iqama copy of the head of the family.

Steps to Take If a Family Member’s Iqama is Lost (Dependent’s Sponsor)

Step 1: Report your Lost Family Iqama to Absher

Once you have made PDF copies of all the required documents. You can sign in to Absher:

  • Click the ”Services” tab located under the ”My Services”.
  • Click the ”Passports” option and click Tawasul.

  • Now select the ”New Request” button.

  • On this screen select the given settings to report a lost Iqama.
  • Change language to Arabic.
  • Select Sector: خدمات للمقيمين داخل المملكة
  • Select Service: الإبلاغ عن فقدان أو تلف هوية مقيم

  • Explain the whole situation of how Iqama was lost in the Request Description Section.
  • Attach all the PDF files and if the file size is big, use a PDF compressor to reduce it.
  • Remove all the (. ! ? ‘ “ etc) special characters as they are not allowed.

Step 2: Print of Iqama

Once the application is submitted you will receive a message that your request has been accepted.

  • Now sign in to Absher:
  • Click the ”Services” tab located under the ”My Services”.
  • Click the ”Passports” option and click Tawasul.
  • Click ”Inquire for Request” option.

If your request was accepted, visit the Jawazat office with the print of the Tawasul request and all the above-mentioned documents. Make sure that you reach Jawazat on time or you will be punished. Read more about Iqama penalties and violations at the official website of MOI KSA.

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