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Saudi Iqama Fine Check Online Without ABSHER in 2023.

Today, we will be going to discuss the Saudi Iqama fine check process. This article will be informative if you are among the people living in Saudi Arabia and want to know if they have any fines on their Iqama. There’s news about a fine on using VPNs in Saudia, all over the social media platforms. Some say it’s 1000 Riyals, 1700 Riyals or 2000 Riyals. Immigrants mostly use VPNs to call their loved ones living in their home countries. That’s why most of the immigrants are worried if their Iqama has such a violation fine. All these questions will be clarified today. As the Saudi Arabia population is flooding with immigrants, the use of VPNs is very common and they are not aware it’s prohibited by the Saudi Government. There are several types of Iqama violations that we will learn to check.


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Saudi Iqama Fine Check


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Steps to Follow for Saudi Iqama Fine Check Online:

Saudi Iqama fine check online without using the ABSHER application is very easy. The types of Iqama violations include sim bills not paid, health insurance expired and not updated, traffic violation fine and ministry of commerce violation, etc. Click on the three-line in the right corner and select the violation list to check the types of violations.

Follow the given steps for Saudi Iqama fine check:

1. First, open the official website of EFAA by clicking the following link:

2. Once the website loads, you will see two options.

3. Select the individual option.

4. Enter your Iqama number and assure that it is correct.

5. Now it will ask to enter either the violation code or date of birth. Since we are trying to find our violation fine. We will type the date of birth.

6. After adding your Iqama number and date of birth click on (Inquire).

7. Now you will receive an Opt code on your mobile number, registered or attached with your Iqama or ABSHER.

8. Enter the code and hit confirm.

9. After waiting for a few seconds, you will see the results like in the picture below. It says you don’t have any kind of violations on your Iqama, which is a big relief for immigrants.

If you have any kind of unpaid fines from any category, they will be shown here as a list. We will also like to share the good news with you that there’s no such fine for using VPNs. However, using a VPN to make your location unknown is illegal. We will suggest you avoid using such apps in public. There’s a fine for utilizing VPN services, only if you use it for illegal activities and fraud. It will cause big trouble if you are caught red-handed. Using a VPN in personal space won’t get cause any trouble.


We will be glad to know if this brief article on Saudi Iqama fine check was worthwhile for you. Living in Saudi Arabia can be a headache but if you are following all the rules and regulations, it’s a wonderful country to spend your life in. Please check other valuable articles on Saudi Arabia rules and important information on our website.

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