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Do You Know What Happens if Exit Visa Expires in 2023

What Happens if Exit Visa Expires? People living in Saudi Arabia are advised to follow the rules of the passport department. Are you a foreign worker who wants to know what happens if exit visa expires? In that case, you will have to get an exit re-entry visa to visit your home country and come back to Saudi Arabia. If a foreign worker wants to leave permanently then he should apply for a final exit visa. There’s a fixed fee of 100 Riyals per month for the exit re-entry visa. Final exit visas are issued by the government free of cost. Someone on Twitter asked what If I am a foreign worker who applied for a final exit visa, which is now expired. In such scenarios, it is clearly mentioned on the exit permit that the validity of the exit bath is 60 days. So if there’s been a change of mind, he should contact the proper authorities to cancel the exit visa before 60 days visa expiry period. On the other hand, if the exit visa is not canceled within the time period of 30 days, there will a fine of one thousand Riyals. However, if it’s canceled in time there will be no fine or any kind of penalty imposed.

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Important Information about What Happens if Exit Visa Expires:

So what happens if exit visa expires and the residence visa is also expired? The answer to this question is very simple. If you are planning to cancel your exit visa and avoid any fines by following the law then keep in mind that your residence visa should not be expired. If you have an expired residence then it’s mandatory to renew that by paying the expiry penalty and renewal fee.

Immigration law says that a passport with a valid visa of 60 days is a must for a final exit visa. The duration of staying in the final exit country is not specific for obtaining a final exit visa but the traveler should give a return date. Even if it’s a short stay, the final exit visa will not be issued after the visa expiry date has passed.

There was also a case where the authorities discovered that there was a person who came to Saudi Arabia on a family driver’s visa, he went on leave but he changed his mind and did not return to work again. In such cases, Kafeel tries his best to get rid of such workers but it doesn’t work. According to the law, people who leave Kafeel and never come back have their files sealed and stored in the permit system until they return again. Even if they try to get the final exit it will not be issued by the licensing system.

Keep in mind that people who don’t return on the given leave date are added to the category of Kharj Walam Yaad. In this situation, they are blacklisted in the country for three years. Not just in Saudi Arabia, they are also banned from traveling to certain countries for certain years. [Read Also: What Happens if Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires]

What Happens if Exit Visa Expires, The Conclusion of Discussion:

Now you know what happens if exit visa expires. You should know that the ABSHER platform is there for your assistance. You can cancel the stay of the worker after passing one month’s time period of departure. Whereas if there’s no return for up to six months, the Iqama of the worker is automatically canceled by ABSHER. A three years ban will also be imposed and there will be no entry during this time period.

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  1. I need your advice my iqama expired july 5 2022 before that i have transfer request from new employer now my current employer rejected my transfer and they issued me exit can you help me what i will do

  2. Dear Admin,
    My profession is General accountant and unfortunately i dont have a degree to renew my SOCPA. Hence i cannot renew my iqama too as everyone knows. so company put exit before my iqama expired. but i had some pending work so company ask me to complete and go. mean while company renew my iqama and it is extend to another year. but they could not cancel my final exit visa. it is expired now.
    they keep on trying to renew my final exit visa, it is almost two weeks. it seems they cannot do anything. what is your opinion?
    please let me know.
    highly appreciate you quick response.
    note- Tawkkalna app showing my iqama already expired but in abshar has 10 month or so.

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