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What Happens if Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires

Didn’t return to Saudi Arabia on the re-entry date and now the visa is expired? We will be going to discuss this topic today along with what happens if exit re-entry visa expires situation. There have been some changes made to rules and regulations by the Saudi Department of Immigration and Passports, also known as ‘Licenses’. Nowadays licensing services are digital and more convenient. Digital services provided to citizens include residency renewals, exit vows, or exit visas from the Abshar.

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Information About What Happens if Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires

Someone on Twitter asked: “What happens if exit re-entry visa expires and I used to work as a mechanic in Saudi Arabia. I left in 2020 but didn’t go back. Is it possible to go on a visit visa now?” We will debate this question further.

First of all, according to the law of departure, everything is given on permit. Foreigners who are residing in the country should be concerned about Saudi laws and regulations including breach of promise of an exit. As a penalty, these immigrants are blacklisted in the country for three years. Their personal data file is sealed and they cannot travel on any type of visa for three years. If the blacklisted former wants to visit the country, the only option is to ask the former sponsor for a new visa, otherwise, you have to wait for the three years ban period. [Read Also: What Happens if Exit Visa Expires? ]

An important note to take is that immigrants who violate the exit and entry vows should have determined the ban period as per the lunar calendar. This is prevalent in Saudi Arabia because they use lunar dates to determine the time period in the licensing system. This is a big mistake that most foreigners do and get their visa applications denied. This was all the information we had on what happens if exit re-entry visa expires. Let’s jump to another topic.

A person from abroad found the permit on Twitter, ‘What’s the process to bring a foreign newborn with you, do you have to issue a new visa? Jawazat replied: In this case, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia should be contacted from where the entry visa can be issued for the newborn. Saudi Embassy also mentioned that to issue an entry visa for a newborn, ​​it is necessary to present a separate passport or birth certificate of the child. This way a visa can be issued on such a document. All the formalities for the newborn should be resettled separately upon arrival in the country. According to law, to issue an Iqama for the whole family a fee of 400 Riyals per month will be charged. Some formal documents will also be required for the submission such as a color picture of the newborn for the residency card with the prescribed form of white background so that the residency card can be issued.

Conclusion of What Happens if Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires

In this article, we have summed up all the necessary information about what happens if exit re-entry visa expires. Saudi Arabia is very famous for its rules and regulations. Most people are not aware of these rules. Don’t forget to check the other useful articles on our website. So, We hope you have got information regarding the query What Happens if Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires.

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