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Yes! You Can Check Umrah Visa Status Online in 2023 – Check Now

How to Check Umrah Visa Status Online?

Now you can check Umrah Visa status as the Saudi government has announced Umrah-e-services portal services. It can be done online by following a few easy steps. You just have to create an inquiry using your passport number. The newly introduced online system includes Umrah visa tracking, verification, printing, and much more.

Why This Step Is Necessary?

The platform: was introduced due to an increasing amount of complaints regarding travel agents charging money and not issuing visas. Most of the time they had stamped fake visas and by the time people realized it was too late. There were many pilgrims complaining that their travel agents have been charging them an additional Umrah Visa fee of SR 2,000. This is one of the main reasons why MOFA was introduced by the Ministry of Hajj. Now that everything is online people check and verify their visas easily using the Umrah-e-services portal.

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Steps to Check Umrah Visa Status:

If you want to check Umrah Visa status online then you will first have to visit the official MOFA website for a visa check:

Once you are on the website, select the barcode option, now you have to select your passport number as the first value. In the second value below that, you can select the first name option and enter the first name on your passport. Select your nationality and enter the given CaptCha code in the required field. Once you are done entering all the information, just click on the “Inquire” button to create an inquiry to check Umrah Visa status.

A new window will be opened, and you can now see the Umrah Visa status. You can also print your visa application or save it as a PDF file. The screen will show different results as per the application status. If your application is not yet submitted to the Saudi Embassy, this message will appear on the screen “No Umrah Visa Request Available”.

In case your application has been submitted to the Saudi Embassy but is yet to be stamped, then the following message will be shown on the screen. “The Umrah Visa Request sent to Embassy”

If an Umrah visa has been stamped and issued on your passport by the Saudi Embassy, then on the screen you will see the Umrah visa status message along with the package details that you selected. The availability of package details ensures that the visa has been stamped and you are green to go. This is the best way to verify an Umrah visa status and it can be done very easily.

If someone has already performed Umrah and traveled back to his home country and upon checking his or her Umrah visa status online, a message will appear on the screen stating. “Exit from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.