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Currency Declaration Form Pakistan

Currency Declaration Form Pakistan:

The Currency Declaration Form Pakistan has been made mandatory for all international passengers. According to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), it doesn’t matter if you are traveling via incoming and outgoing flights. The authoritative instruction is set to apply to all national, domestic, and foreign currencies including gold jewelry, special stones, and restricted items such as satellite phones and weapons. As we already know that the declaration form is mandatory, thus it should be filled out at the customs counter before the passenger boards the flight. In case the passenger doesn’t want to fill out the Currency Declaration Form Pakistan, they will not be allowed to board the flight or leave the airport.

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Why This Initiative Is Introduced?

As per Pakistani officials, the newly introduced initiative is part of the measures being taken to stop money laundering and fulfill the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) requirement to get off the watchdog’s grey list. FATF is the global illicit financing watchdog and it depends on them whether the country’s ’grey list’ status is clear after paying an on-site visit.

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) is providing its full support to Pakistan Customs and airlines. The CAA spokesman said it’s the need of the hour as implementing the FATF code of conduct seems a great step to take at the moment. Pakistan Customs has been given instructions to guide its staff at all international airports to facilitate passengers traveling via, international, incoming, and outgoing flights. Domestic and foreign airline staff have been informed about the news of the Currency Declaration Form Pakistan. The notification was issued by following the instructions of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

If we go back to February, an automated currency declaration system was launched by FBR to digitally monitor foreign currency activity at arrivals and departures during the Imran Khan government. Everyone is aware that Imran Khan is always focused on accomplishing transparency using digital initiatives.

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and FIA developed the digital system with the assistance of both facilities it was deployed at all international airports with a vision to replace the manual Currency Declaration Form Pakistan asked randomly from the passengers. However, it is unclear at the moment if the current will allow the digital system to be integrated into the present or future circumstances.

Download Currency Declaration Form Pakistan:

You can fill currency declaration form online as well as you can download it and fill manually. To download currency declaration form Pakistan, please click the link given below:

Steps to Fill Out The Currency Declaration Form Online:

The form can also be filled out online.

Click to open Currency Declaration form.

Travellers who don’t have knowledge about this initiative might have to face some problems on arrival or departure at Pakistan airports. One of the advantages of filing the form online is time saved.

  • As you see above, this is the form we need to fill out. First, you have to fill out passenger information such as valid passport number and date of birth. Then you will have to provide all the details about your flight such as travel destination, flight number, contact number, etc.
  • In the next section, you will have to provide personal information such as nationality, contact number, the purpose of the visit, etc.

Currency Declaration Form Pakistan

  • This is the main step of the declaration as you will have to provide information about the gold, currency, or any other valuable items that you are carrying. As you can see, the asked details include the total value of the gold, currency, the exchanged currency receipt number, etc.

  • In currency details, you will just have to add the amount of currency you are carrying. Once you have typed the amount click on add item. Now the estimated currency value will be converted to USD. You can add more currencies and click on add item again. If you want instructions about the currency and gold importing, please visit this link:

  • At last, once you are done filling in all the details, fill in the given CaptCha code and click on submit. The code will be different for each person. Now you will see the print button option and print it as proof for your currency declaration form Pakistan application. Keep the printed document with yourself all the time.

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