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Hajj Flights Schedule 2022 Pakistan

As per the Hajj flights schedule 2022 Pakistan, the first Hajj flight from Islamabad departed on Sunday. According to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, under the Road to Mecca initiative, the first flight from Islamabad took off on June 6 at 3:30 am while the second flight departed at 8:30 pm. If we talk about the flight schedules from other cities, the first Hajj flight from Multan will leave for Medina on 06 June 2022 at 4.30 pm while the first Hajj flight from Lahore will leave for Medina on Monday at 1:55 pm carrying 220 pilgrims. The Ministry of Religious Affairs has stated that if needed later they will think about the need to operate Hajj flights from Faisalabad Airport. The statement also stated that all special and government Hajj flights from Peshawar are canceled and have been rerouted from Islamabad Airport instead.

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The ‘Road to Mecca’ project launched by the Saudi Interior Ministry for Hajj pilgrims from abroad is for five countries this year and may be recalled in events. This is also the fourth year of the Road to Mecca project, which is established keeping one goal in mind to provide immigration facilities to pilgrims from abroad in their Saudi countries. According to Saudi News Channels, pilgrims from five countries across the world, including Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, and Bangladesh, will be brought to the kingdom under the Road to Mecca project this year.

If we take a look at the history, the Road to Mecca project was basically established four years ago, with an experimental start in Indonesia, followed by a second year for Malaysian pilgrims. In the third year, this facility was provided to a limited number of pilgrims from the continent of Pakistan on an experimental basis. Later the Hajj pilgrims under the Road to Mecca project immigrated to their home countries. When they arrive in the country, they are simply scanned with a barcode and put on a caravan. The luggage and belongings of the pilgrims coming under the scheme are also taken from their countries. They don’t have to worry about luggage after coming to the kingdom.

According to the Hajj flights schedule 2022 Pakistan, the private airline for the destination of the Holy City will depart on 5 July 2022. More than 40 flights will start departing onwards taking almost 225 pilgrims on each flight. It is advised for Hajj pilgrims to pay any remaining dues before the application expiry date. According to a report, it is mandatory to submit your corona vaccination certificate along with your passport while paying the Hajj package payment.

Previously Published: Hajj Flights Schedule 2022 Pakistan News Update :Pakistan’s Hajj operation is stalled, and pilgrims will not be able to travel for the next several days. So what will be the Hajj flight schedule 2022 Pakistan? This year’s Hajj operation in Pakistan was supposed to start today (Tuesday). Unfortunately, it will not be going to start for the next several days. According to the information from sources in the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Aviation, preparations for the Hajj operation have not been completed yet and that’s why the first flight didn’t depart on May 31 from Pakistan. If we recall the arrangements that were made in a briefing to Aviation Minister Saad Rafique last week, PIA officials had confirmed that the Hajj operation would start on May 31 effectively and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) would provide flights to Pakistani pilgrims from May 31 to August 13. All these Hajj flights will depart from eight major cities to the final destinations Jeddah and Medina. It didn’t go as planned.

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Information and News on Hajj flights schedule 2022 Pakistan:

However, Urdu News Report on Monday shared an interview of a senior official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs who said, due to several reasons, it would take several more days to start the Hajj operation again, some of which are not even within the reach of the government of Pakistan. The agreement of the ministry with PIA has been settled two weeks ago under which the fares of pilgrims have also been fixed. The fare for the North Sector containing Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Peshawar side will be Rs. 182,000. On the other hand, the fares for the South Sector containing Quetta and Karachi sides will be Rs.172,000.

Speaking in the National Assembly on the good news of fares reduction by the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, he said that so far Rs 791,300 are fixed for Southern pilgrims and Rs 800,000 are fixed for Nothern pilgrims. These include airfare, transportation, food, and accommodation in Saudi Arabia near Jeddah and Medina.

People are also asking questions about the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs who had said in his speech to the National Assembly that this year Hajj expenses would be less than six and a half lakh due to his efforts. However, ministry officials appear unaware of the concession and new Hajj amount. According to the PIA officials, they have not been given the proper Hajj plan by the ministry yet. Once it is all sorted out the flight plan will be finalized with the Hajj flight schedule in 2022 Pakistan.

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In last week’s report, PIA officials stated that the airline will operate Hajj flights from eight major cities: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Multan, Peshawar, and Quetta to Jeddah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. Up to 297 flights will be operated. Aviation Minister Saad Rafique ordered the purchase of a Boeing 777 and an Airbus 320 from aircraft storage. A total number of 81,000 Pakistani pilgrims will leave for Hajj this year, of which 32,000 will go under government schemes and 48,000 under private schemes, Urdu News. We will be sharing more updates about Hajj Flights Schedule 2022 Pakistan very soon.


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