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RTA Dubai Fines 2022 – Dubai police traffic fines list

Planning a trip to Dubai or thinking about going for a ride? Well, then you should know about the RTA Dubai Fines 2022. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to Dubai for a new job or already living in Dubai, sooner or later you will be needing a driver’s license to drive a motor vehicle in that country. With a driver’s license comes great responsibility. That means you should be aware of all the traffic rules and fines in UAE. No need to worry as we have got your back with all the necessary information.

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RTA Dubai Fines 2022 List and Information:

Everyone driving in the UAE should know about the traffic fines that are implemented by the local law enforcement officers. According to the data available on the internet, Dubai police officers issued about 4,000 tickets in the past 4 months to the drivers with unclear license plates. To keep things fair, if police sensed the driver didn’t want to break the law, they were only given a warning. But looking at the number of issued ticket tickets, we can assure you that Dubai police are watching the streets day and night. They are always on the lookout for someone who violates the law. This is the best to know about the RTA Dubai Fines 2022. The below fine list is from the Dubai Police sources.

RTA Dubai Fines 2022 are paid in the United Arab Emirates currency (AED). There are detention periods for serious violations of the traffic law, that’s why you should strictly follow RTA rules and regulations. The detention period can range from 7 days to one month. Judges can easily use their free will to impose longer sentences for severe violations of Dubai traffic laws. You will have to pay the fine also. The Dubai police can also impound vehicles in some cases as they have the authority and there’s nothing you can do about it. Taking legal action is the only option. In addition to RTA Dubai Fines, we are adding the link to their official website:, you can find all the updated violation sections and fines there.


Please keep in mind that the information in this article is not intended to scare you. Dubai is a wonderful place to visit and you will surely have a good time there. This information is provided for people who want to take precautions against Dubai traffic fines and their related amounts.


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