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Pak ID Mobile App By NADRA – Renew ID Card Using Phone.

Pak ID Mobile App is a new initiative of Pakistani government. NADRA has launched “Pak Identity Mobile App” which allows all Pakistani citizens to renew their identity card/id documents online using cell phone. Pakistan has become the first country in the world which started ID technology.

Anyone either in Pakistan and abroad can use this app to apply NADRA issued documents.

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Main Feature of NADRA Identity App:

  • Applying id card online using smart phone, itself is a great feature. Pak id mobile app enables users to upload photograph from gallery as well take a live and fresh photo.
  • User can see all pending or in progress applications in the app.
  • One of good feature is, Now you can upload your fingerprints/biometrics using the camera of your smart phone. It is just like taking a photo of your fingers. Previously, you had to submit fingerprints using paper and ink based system. Now, you can simply use camera to scan your fingers and system will capture your finger prints.
  • almost the whole process of application can be completed online using Pak id mobile app.

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How to use Pak ID Mobile App?

Fist of all, you have to visit the official website of NADRA to create an account.  If you don’t have any account in NADRA website, you can create a new free account and log into your account. You can access NADRA website by clicking the link given below:

Once you have logged into your account,  Click “New Application”. Choose the document you want to apply like CNIC, NICOP or any other. Enter the number of documents (if required) and click “Start Application”. Now you can do the rest of procedure in Pak ID mobile app.

Download and install Pak Id Mobile app in your smart phone. It is available for android as well iOS. You can download it by clicking the link given below:

Now, you need to log into Pak Identity app using the email and password which you used at NADRA website.

Once you have logged in, you can see all applications which are pending or in progress. click the application you want to complete.

You can see Photograph, documents and fingerprints.

Click “Photograph” to upload your photo. this allows you to take a fresh photo using the camera of your phone. However, the background of photo must be plain white. Alternatively, you can upload a photo of yours from the gallery of your phone. Once photograph is uploaded, now you have to pay the application fee. Currently, payment option is not available in the app, so you have to go back to NADRA website, check “existing applications”, click on “application number” and make a payment.  Now you can do the rest of procedure in Pak id app.

Click “Documents”, and it will show the list of required documents for your application. click each document and upload it same as you uploaded photo.

Now click “Fingerprints” and it will allow you to capture your fingerprints using the camera of your phone. There is no need to put your fingerprints on paper using ink stamp pad. The app will start your phone camera and guide your keep your fingers of one hand near camera, it will capture live fingerprints of one hand and then the other hand one by one. This feature is really amazing.

Video Tutorial of Pak Identity Mobile App:

You can watch video tutorial of Pak identity mobile app by clicking the video given below:

Pak ID Mobile App by NADRA

This is how you can use Pak ID Mobile app of NADRA Pakistan. This app especially the fingerprints capturing feature is really great. The only negative things in the app are: you cannot create NADRA account in the app, you need to visit NADRA website to create a free account which is also easy; furthermore, there is no payment option available in the app. Hope, these feature will also be available soon in the app.


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