Get GDRFA Dubai Approval – GDRFA Dubai Approval Return Permit.

The GDRFA Dubai approval in required for foreigners who wish to return to Dubai. Amid the pandemic, the return of expatriates was restricted from almost all countries. Under the new regulations, expatriates can go to Dubai only if they have obtained return permit or approval from GDRFA Dubai.

What nationalities need GDRFA Dubai approval?

According to the latest information shared by Gulf News, citizens or passengers from the following countries have to get an advance approval from GDRFA Dubai:




Sri Lanka



GDRFA Return permit link:

The general directorate of residency and foreign affairs of Dubai has already launched a designated portal where you can apply for a return permit. If your application is approved, you can travel to Dubai. To submit an application for the approval, you can access application portal by clicking the following link of GDRFA Dubai:

Steps to Apply GDRFA Approval:

First of all open the official website of GDRFA Dubai by clicking the link given below:

If the language of this website is Arabic, you can change into English by clicking the “English” button.

Now, Enter the following credentials:

  • Residence Number
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

Click the empty box located with “I am not a robot” and click “Search”.

Now, the system will find your record using the information you have entered. It will show you more details about you like your passport number, your name in English.

Now, enter your intended travel information as it is mandatory for GDRFA approval. It includes information where are you traveling from, the airport name, and the airport where you want to land. Furthermore, you have to check the empty box; checking this box means you are agreeing to bear the expenses if you are tested positive covid-19 in Dubai. Now proceed for the next step.

You have to upload your passport image, your photo and a negative PCR test report.

The system will show all information you have submitted, confirm the information and click “Send”. That’s All.

You have successfully submitted your application for GDRFA Dubai approval or GDRFA Dubai Return Permit . If your application is approval, you will get an approval through email which allows to you to travel to Dubai.

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