Astrazeneca Vaccine in Pakistan for Expatriates

AstraZeneca vaccine in Pakistan is now available for expatriates who are 18+ and under 40. Foreign remittances are very important for Pakistan’s economy.  A large number of Pakistani expatriates, students and other travellers cannot travel abroad because of the requirement of vaccine by many countries especially Saudi Arabia.

To resolve this issue, the government of Pakistan has permitted to give Astrazeneca vaccine shots to those who wish to travel abroad. Such people have to submit the proof of intended journey at vaccine centres.

All those who have go AstraZeneca vaccine jab abroad or any where, they also can get second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine in Pakistan. in this case, they must present the proof of first vaccine abroad or anywhere.

However, those who got first dose of chinese vaccine, they cannot get second dose of AstraZeneca in Pakistan. This is because of lack of research on possible side effects of taking two different vaccines.

Pakistanis wishing to travel abroad can get AstraZeneca vaccine at any nearby vaccine centres. However, the supply of vaccine doses is not sufficient at the moment. if vaccine is not available at nearby centre, passengers can go to district head quarter and can have vaccine there.

Some other private services like gerry’s are also offering vaccine service for travellers, however, they may charge slightly higher fees.

All travellers must get vaccination certificate from NADRA before travelling. This certificate can be obtained online. Click to get NADRA vaccine certificate details.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia and many other countries are currently not accepting chinese vaccine. Four vaccines are being accepted by Saudi Arabia and other countries. These are AstraZeneca, moderna, pfizer, johnson and johnson. As Pakistan has already got a large number of doses under COVAX plan, so expatriates are giving opportunity to get vaccine jobs.

Remember: The second dose of Astrazenca vaccine in Pakistan can be obtained after 4 weeks of first dose. Previously, the second dose was possible after 12 weeks. The government of Pakistan is hopeful to get more vaccine doses under COVAX.