Arshad Nadeem in Olympics 2021.

Arshad Nadeem in Olympics 2021 rose as a hero of Pakistan. “Arshad Nadeem ! You are the hero of Pakistan”, these are the latest tweets and messages of Pakistani artists on social media supporting Arshad Nadeem. Pakistani athlete couldn’t win gold for Pakistan in Olympics 2021 but Pakistani nation is loving his efforts as he gave a hope.

Watch Arshad Nadeem Javelin Throwing in Olympics:

In the first phase  of Tokyo Olympics javelin throw final, there were 12 athletes. Top 8 out of those 12, qualified for the next round, and Arshad Nadeem was one of those 8 athletes with 84.62 scores. There were three medals, the gold medal, silver and bronze for top three athletes, however, Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem couldn’t win any medal for Pakistan.

In the second round, Arshad Nadeem’s score ranked at 5th number. The Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal, the silver and bronze medal was won by two athletes of Czech Republic.

The efforts Arshad Nadeem made him hero despite losing the competition because everyone know the lack of resources which he has faced and still facing in training. The famous Pakistani cricketer Waseem Akram mentioned these things on social media. Waseem Akram tweeted on his official twitter handler that our system has a lot of faults, we should raise our voice so that our athletes may have necessary resources.

The popular artists of Pakistan are tweeting in the support of Arshad Nadeem as he is the first Pakistani athlete who qualified for javelin throwing final match in Olympics. His name is trending on twitter for last few days which shows that Pakistani nation is highly appreciating his efforts which he made without any support and resources.

The famous Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui tweeted that you have become a hero of Pakistani nation. You couldn’t win but you put your all best efforts which is enough for us.

Arshad Nadeem apologized from Pakistani nation for being unsuccessful. On the other hand, the Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra won gold medal but everyone knows about the recourses. The endian athlete had best recourses and training where Arshad Nadeem has zero support from government, and that’s why Indian athletes are also appreciating Arshad Nadeem.