Taliban Flying Helicopter Video Goes Viral.

The Taliban Flying Helicopter Video is now a days viral on social media. In the video, it can be clearly seen that Taliban are flying Blackhawk helicopters which were left behind by the US forces. The US troops has already left Afghanistan, a huge quantity of weapons, vehicles and other useful things have been left in Afghanistan, and of course those things are now in the ownership of Afghan Taliban. The US made black hawk helicopters are also one of those things which are now occupied by Taliban. According to Sky News, Taliban got 33 black hawk US helicopters.

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According to international media reports, this video was shot in Kandahar. In a blurred seen, someone was hanging with trailing edge of helicopter with a rope. Later the scene was zoomed in and the hanging person  became little more clear.

Some international media news says that Taliban used this helicopter to mount the new flag of Afghanistan at top of a high building. On the other hand the false propaganda is also very active by some anti-Taliban powers; which says Taliban used this black hawk to execute the death sentence publicly and the person hanging with the rope was actually being executed. However, the latest international media reports by “US Today” denied such false propaganda and said that person was not being hanged as he was moving freely and alive throughout the whole video.

Meanwhile another video is also viral on social media in which Taliban are flying US helicopter. This video shows the inside of helicopter, Taliban are sitting in the helicopter and having the aerial view of the city. This video was shot by a member of Taliban who was also sitting inside the helicopter.

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Reaction on Taliban Flying Black Hawks:

No one of defence experts in all over the world could expect that Taliban can fly black hawk helicopters which have the most advanced technology. The world have a strong opinion about Taliban that they have no knowledge of latest technology but the latest Taliban video flying US Helicopter surprised every one. Everyone is left shocked upon watching the viral video of Afghan Taliban who are operating US advanced technology helicopter. In Fact, Taliban are doing unexpected things.

Taliban Flying Helicopter Video:

You can watch the full video by clicking the link below:

Taliban flying helicopter video is widely being shared on social media like YouTube, Facebook, twitter and other platforms.

We hope, Taliban will be successful in making Afghanistan a peaceful country and a welfare state for the people of Afghanistan.