Kuwait to suspend Iqama of Expatriates.

Kuwait is ready to suspend the validity of Iqama of expatriates who are currently outside Kuwait. To avoid Iqama expiry, expatriates have to return to Kuwait within 6 months of their stay outside Kuwait.

Kuwait is going back to the situation as it was before the pandemic and this is a part of it that Kuwait is going to suspend previously granted extension in Iqama.

The local media of Kuwait has published news that Kuwait minght soon cancel all exemptions which were given in the past. However, the government will give a grace period or a deadline for expatriates so that they may return to Kuwait.

According to the latest news, all expatriates who are currently outside Kuwait for 6 months or more, they have to return to Kuwait, otherwise their Iqama will be expired automatically.

There will be no permission to renew Iqama while staying abroad. Iqama renewal will be possible within Kuwait. There is a possibility that foreign students will have some additional grace period at the end of term along with holidays.

Source of News: Ary Urdu