kelowna crane collapse video : Five people became victim.

kelowna crane collapse video has made every everyone sad. 5 people died in the incident which happened in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada according to CNN. The team of specialist including engineers, paramedics and fire fighters have found five dead bodies at the incident site. Before, four dead bodies were found and fifth one was missing, it was thought that fifth is buried in the collapse. Later on Wednesday morning, the fifth dead body was also discovered.

According to the Police inspector, the crane was placed near a high building. The crane was being dismantled when it fell down and incident happened. The falling crane damage the building and the top of an old age home. kelowna crane collapse happened just one day after another crane collapse in Toronto.

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kelowna crane collapse video :

The sad video of Kelowna crane collapse is available widely on YouTube and other social media platforms.

In the video,  a toppled crane can be seen which caused the death of five precious lives. Four of the them was worker of construction company whereas fifth was not the worker.

One of the five victims was a young man , Cailen Villness.  Cailen Vilness was only 23 years old. The father of Cailen Vilness told to media that he also worked in construction sector in his full life. His one son is an iron worker. Cailen came to kelowna for a better career but he couldn’t return home after going to work on monday.