mel gibson saluting trump viral video

mel gibson saluting trump viral video has raised great discussion on social media. In the viral video of Mel Gibson, It can be clearly seen that apparently Mel Gibson is saluting to previous President Donald Trump. On, Saturday, in a large crowd of people at UFC match, his military style salute was captured by cameras and now in debates on social media. This event took place in T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas where a large public crowed gathered to watch previous US president Donald Trump.

Mel Gibson is not openly a supporter of Donald Trump previous. Many other Hollywood stars are openly supporting and promoting Donald Trump election campaigns. In 2016, Mel Gibson criticized Donald Trump plan for US-Mexico border wall.

Many other celebraties attended the UFC match on Saturday including Justine Bieber, Dave Chapple and Kourtney. Mel Gibson attended UFC match along with son Ed, Will and Tommy.

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In 2004, gibson started getting huge following when his film ” The passion of Christ” came. However, he has been a controversial film actor due to his anti-Jewish comments in the media. He gave remarks that Jews are responsible for all war in the world.

mel gibson saluting trump viral video has been watched by millions of people on social media.