Hong Kong 5000 Voucher Scheme Registration Started.

Hong Kong 5000 Voucher Scheme Registration has been started today on 04 July 2021. All Eligible candidates can submit applications online.

Hong Kong 5000 dollars Voucher Scheme has been announced by Hong Kong government. All permanent residents of Hong Kong will receive 5000 HKD spending vouchers which can be used at local merchants. However, these vouchers cannot be used for public services.

Hong Kong 5000 voucher eligibility:

In general all permanent resident who are age 18 or above on 18 June are eligible for Hong Kong 5000 voucher. If someone stayed outside Hong Kong for a period of up 24 months continuously as of 18 June 2021, he/she will not be eligible, exemptions may be given to those studying abroad, admitted in hospital abroad or doing Hong Kong government job abroad.

New comers from main china are also eligible and people who are sponsored by a permanent resident of Hong Kong are also eligible for 5000 Hong Kong Dollars coupon.

However, foreigners holding domestic helper visa and work permit/employment permit visa are not eligible for this scheme. They cannot apply.

Hong Kong 5000 voucher registration:

Hong Kong 5000 dollars voucher registration can be done either electronically or paper based. However, officials said that paper based applications may take longer time to be processed. Therefore, it is highly advisable to apply electronically.

You can apply for registration at the following link:


Applicants who wan to apply on paper, they can download application from 28 June 2021. Paper based applications cannot be send through post, instead, the government has set up hundreds of centers which will collect paper based applications. The application form will be available at the following link:


Applicants who had already received 1000HKD is previous scheme, they might need to enter the last four digit of their contact number or last fiver digits of bank account through they received this amount, and also need to provide copy of hkid.

Registration Opening Date:

Registration for spending vouchers will start from 4 july 2021 and continue till 14 August 2021. So, the online registration portal will on 4 july, then, you can submit your application online.

After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your contact number.

Ali Pay Hong Kong, WeChat Hong Kong, Tan & Go Wallet Hong Kong and Octopus Hong Kong are the designated portals to submit applications and receive consumption vouchers.

It is worth mentioning that if you apply and receive 5000 HKD consumption vouchers through these wallets, you can receive some additional rewards from these wallet services providers.

Distribution of Spending Voucher:

The 5000 HKD vouchers will be distributed through the following four portals which are very popular and most used in Hong Kong.

  1. AliPay Hong Kong.
  2. Tap & Go Hong Kong.
  3. WeChat Hong Kong.
  4. Octopus.

The distribution method will be different through Octopus and three other portals.

For Alipay, Tap & Go and we chat, vouchers will be distributed in two installments  2000 $ and 3000 $ respectively. On distribution date, the voucher amount will automatically injected into customer’s SVF account. The first distribution of vouchers will start from first august 2021, however, the distribution date is different for applicants depending upon the registration date.

If you receive voucher in wallets like alipay, tap & go or wechat, you will see that this amount will be kept separate from your balance. This will help you to choose your preferred balance for making payments.

For the octopus: the vouchers will be distributed in three installments, 2000$, 2000$ and 1000$ respectively. Users have to tap octopus to collect amount. The distribution date of first installment is first august however, depending on the application registration and process it may be little bit different. Unlike wallets, the voucher you will receive, will be added to existing octopus funds.

For more accurate details on distribution date, please visit the official website of Hong Kong government by clicking the following link:


Should you have any query related to vouchers, you can contact at 18000 for more details. The government of Hong Kong has set up this helpline for applicants.