How to Apply Germany Work Visa

How to Apply Germany Work Visa?

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Germany’s New Work Visa Immigration Law

In its latest Parliament session, the Angela Merkel’s government has been able to have the new immigration law passed on 9 May 2019 even after heated debate. Germany’s new work visa immigration law opens the doors for skilled workers of non-EU countries to not only get a job offer and work here, but it also allows skilled workers to get a job seekers visa to come to Germany to find the job.

Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer presented the draft law and told the Parliament about its details and whom would it allow to come to Germany and work and under what conditions.

Germany is seriously facing shortage of skilled workers in different occupations. According to an estimate, it may face shortage of workers for up to 3 million by 2030. This is surprisingly a high number but surely there are many reasons for that, specially more and more aged people and less birth rate. Taking into consideration these issues, Germany government first announced this new immigration law on 02.10.2018 to overcome shortage of skilled workers. Which was later on approved by the ‘Government Cabinet’ on 19 December 2018.

They announced, ‘the immigration policy is based on Canadian immigration model where priority will be given to skilled professionals with good qualification, level of professional experience, German/English language skills and age factor’. One thing that makes it different from Canadian immigration model that it will be non points based system.

Key Points of the new immigration law

Germany’s new immigration law , mainly brings following changes into the old immigration system:

  • Suspension of the checks if there are available workers either in Germany or EU countries for the applied job of the foreigners. This will surely help making the job offer process faster and more vocational and skilled jobs would be open for non-EU workers.
  • The previously exercised norm, immigration only for highly skilled ‘Academically Qualified’ persons is to be joined by the vocationally skilled workers. This will help even diploma holders and ones with having professional experience in skilled work to count.
  • Under some restrictions, students will be able to come to Germany to attend vocational training courses.

What about the law for Asylum Seekers:

Labour Minister Hubertus Heil also defended Government’s other proposed immigration law for the asylum seekers. Through this new law, the asylum seekers who could not be deported from Germany, would be able to enjoy the longer ‘Tolerated Stay’ (beschäftigungsduldung) for up to 2 years. This will release upon them the fear of deportation.

Asylum seekers with already having ‘Duldung’ would be able to apply for this new visa having had 20 hours regular work per week for the last 18 months and  knowledge of German.

The ones having had vocational training (Ausbildung) acquired would also be able to apply for tolerated stay.

Steps to Apply Germany Work Visa

Step 1:

First of All, visit this official website of German Government by Clicking here

You Can find basic information about Germany work visa. information for highly qualified people is separately available at this website. you can read read according to your qualification but if you are less educated or have vocation training certificate you should proceed to next setp 2.

Step 2: Find Your Occupation is Skill Occupation List:

It is very important to check if occupation related to your education and experience is listed in skills occupation list or white list of occupations. If your occupation presents in skill occupation list, your work visa will be easier. But after the implementation of new work visa policy, work visa will become convenient despite your occupation is not in skill occupation list.

According to old policy, if your occupation is not in occupation list, your employer have to prove that he is unable to find suitable worker for that job. But if it is in occupation list, employer does not need to prove it. However, after implementation of new, employer won’t need to prove it for any case; but it is matter of future.

certificate or diploma holders should follow this step to check skill occupation list.

Check skills or occupations In Demands list by Clicking here

Check skill Occupation list by Clicking here it will download a list of “In Demands Occupation”.

Step 3: Apply for Job Offer:

Once you have checked your suitable occupation in skill list, you have to search for a job in Germany and apply for a job. The purpose of applying for job is to Ge A Job offer for Work visa.

Search Jobs in Germany by visiting these websites

  1. Click to See Jobs Listing by German Government
  2. Click to Visit Federal Government Jobs Website
  3. Click to Visit Monster Job Search Website
  4. Click to Visit Indeed Jobs Germany

You have to find the jobs matching to your qualification and in accordance with skill in demands list. then read the description of job so that you may know all about the job requirements and application process. you can find contact details of employer and send your CV via email directly to employer.

Step 4: Skill Assessment:

You have to apply for qualification assessment or recognition for the job you want to apply. it is recommended that you should get your qualification recognized by the following German departments before you apply for a job. it will leave a positive impact on employer and increase the chances of being selected by the employer.

Apply for Qualification Recognition through these websites

Organization for Vocational Qualification recognition, Click here to open

ZAB (organization for degree qualification recognition) Click here to open

Qualification assessment or recognition may cost from 100 to 600 euro.

Step 5: Job offer and Contract:

Get job offer and job contract from German Employer or company. Job offer is first and foremost requirement for German work permit. you have to obtain a job offer by applying online through job search website. or you can visit Germany on job seeker visa and try to find a job. But still you have to get your Qualifications recognized by German relevant department.

Step 6: Apply Visa:

Once you have obtained a job offer and recognition from Germany, you can now Apply visa at German embassy in your country.

Embassy of Germany:

to find the address of germany embassy in your country click here. once you have opened this website, simply put your country name and it will show the details of german embassy or consulate details in your country where you want to apply germany visa.

Embassy of Germay in Pakistan:

Embassy of Germany in India: