Home Child Care Provider Pilot – Caregiver Programs.

Two caregiver programs were launched in June 2019. The Home Child Care Provider Pilot is one of them. Foreign nationals who have work experience in NOC 4411 can apply in the caregiver programs stream. The purpose of introducing this pilot is to hire Home Child Care Providers for Canada and give them temporary work permits. The worker can apply for Canadian permanent residency once they have earned enough experience.

What does this Pilot Program offer?

The two new Caregiver Programs have made some changes with the previous caregiver pilot programs:

  • Ability to change employer: Caregiver programs are criticized by the public as they bound the caregivers to work with one family, they are often abused in the workplace and can’t change their employer. But in the new pilot programs, caregivers can easily change their employer if they are not comfortable.
  • Accompanying family members: In the previous caregiver programs, spouses, children, or family members cannot accompany the caregiver to Canada. Newly introduced programs allow family members to accompany caregivers and they are even eligible to apply for work permits or study.

Eligibility and Requirements for Home Child Care Provider Pilot

Applicants who are interested in this pilot should meet the given requirements:

Job Offer

A job offer from a valid occupation at the time of application submission for a work permit.

Work Experience

Minimum two years of work experience is mandatory in order to apply for permanent residency via Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

Language Requirements

The candidates should provide proof of Canadian Language Benchmark level 5.

Educational Requirements

The candidate should have at least one year of post-secondary education from a Canadian institute or equivalent from a foreign institute.

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