Malawi Launched E Visa.

Malawi has recently launched an e-visa system  for many countries. Citizen of most of the countries can get Malawi visa online. There is no need to visit Malawi embassy or consulate to get visa. You can apply and get visa online within three working days. Once you get e-visa approval, all you have to take its print and you are ready to travel to Malawi. [Recommended: List of All E-Visa countries]

Malawi immigration has already launched a dedicated e visa website where you can submit your e visa application. There are three major steps of e-visa application process.

  1. Register a free account at Malawi’s official website.
  2. Choose visa type, fill application form and upload scanned documents.
  3. Pay visa fees.

Once you have submitted and paid visa fee, you will get decision on your visa application within three working days. However, visa fees is not refundable in case of rejection. This is the link of Malawi E Visa Website:

Malawi E Visa Eligibility Checking:

Whether you are eligible for Malawi e visa or not, you can check it online. Visit this link , choose your country, passport and visa type. System will let you know whether you are eligible for e visa or not. It will show the requirements of e visa as well. Citizen of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are also eligible for Malawi e-visa

You can apply visa any purpose like tourism, business, family visit, study, religious activities and medical etc.

Length of E Visa:

Malawi  immigration is issuing a single entry visa with three months duration, multiple entries e visa for 6 months duration and multiple entries e visa for 12 months. Visa fee depends on duration of visa. Generally, 75 USD is charged as visa fee for single entry visa whereas 250 USD for multiple entry visa with 12 months’ duration.

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