How to Immigrate to Canada Without Job Offer.

Canada, no doubt has become a dreamland for almost everyone who wants to live and work abroad. On the other hand, Canada itself needs millions of talented expats to meet manpower shortage. Therefore, Canadian immigration have launched many immigration programs and still on the way to introduce more programs. Mostly Canada Immigration programs require a job offer whereas various program do not require any job offer. [Read Also: Saskatchewan PNI Without Job Offer Big Update ]

Job Offer For Canada Immigration:

Job offer/employment offer means there is an employer or company willing to give you a job. In case of Canada, job offer is a requirement when you wan to apply for Canada’s work permit like Canada Seasonal Farm Worker or Temporary Foreign Worker work permit. [Recommended: Read How to Get Canada Farm Worker Visa]

Besides work permit of Canada, job offer is required to apply in many Canadian permanent residency programs. Canadian immigration offers many types of permanent residence streams which require a job offer. These are called employment offer streams.

How to Immigrate to Canada Without Job Offer.

Now-a-days, many people ask how they can immigrate to Canada without a job offer. As said above, most of the Canadian Immigration programs require you to have have a job offer from Canada but still there are many immigration programs where you can apply without a job offer.  These are actually Canada’s Permanent Residency Programs. Unlike Canada’s work permit, you can live and work forever in Canada along with your family if you successfully obtain permanent residency of Canada. [Read Also: New Zealand Seasonal Work Visa]

What are the Ways to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer?

You can apply in various immigration programs of Canada without any job offer or employment offer. You can apply in express entry as well as Canada PNP without job offer. Express entry is a program of federal government whereas PNP or provincial nominee programs are offered by provincial and territorial governments of Canada. Both federal and provincial programs have some streams or categories where you can apply without job offer. The list of some programs is as follows where you can apply as a skilled worker without job offer:

  1. Express Entry Program.
    • You can apply in Federal Skilled Worker Program as a skilled worker. You do not need any job offer to be eligible to apply. Express Entry program is being run under Federal Government of Canada.
  2. Alberta Express Entry Stream:
    • Albert provincial nominee program is very popular due to its easy eligibility criteria. Alberta immigration selects candidates from federal express entry. You cannot apply for Alberta express entry stream directly without invitation. You have to create your express entry profile first and show your permanent interest in Alberta province in your express entry profile.  If you have a score minimum 300 (CRS) in express entry profile, your profile may be considered by Alberta immigration. Alberta invites limited number of express entry candidates for nomination. Once nomination is granted, express entry score of candidate jumps high due to addition 600 score of Alberta nomination. Finally, an ITA (invitation to apply) is issued to candidate and he can apply for permanent residency of Canada at IRCC.
    • Check Your Express Entry Score:
      Submit Express Entry Profile:
      Alberta Express Entry Website:
  3. Saskatchewan PNP.
    • Saskatchewan Provincial  Nominee Program is operated by provincial government of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan PNP is very popular among foreigners because it has requirements which are easier to meet as compare to other immigration programs. You can apply without job offer as a skilled worker in the following two streams of Saskatchewan PNP or SINP:
    • International Skilled Worker: Occupation in Demand Stream    and
    • International Skilled Worker: Express Entry Stream. [Recommended: Read All About Saskatchewan PNP]
  4. Nova Scotia PNP.
    • Provincial Nominee Program of Nova Scotia Province where you can apply without job offer. As a skilled worker the following two streams are available for you under Nova Scotia PNP
    • Nova Scotia Demand: express entry Category B    and
    • Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities Stream.
  5. Ontario PNP.
    • This is one of the immigration programs of Ontario province. As a skilled worker, you can immigrate to Canada through “Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream”.
  6. Manitoba PNP.
    • Provincial nominee program by Manitoba province of Canada, allows you to apply in “skilled workers overseas category”. You do not need any job offer to be eligible for this program.
  7. Prince Edward Islan PNP.
    • Canadian Immigration Program offered by Canada’s province Prince Edward Island. You can apply in “Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream” without any job offer.
  8. Quebec Immigration.
    • Quebec immigration also allows you to apply as a skilled worker in “Quebec Skilled Worker Program”.

Canada Immigration Eligibility Without Job Offer:

Now you have a list of Canadian immigration programs where you can apply without a job offer letter from Canada. These are actually points based systems. It means when you apply in federal express entry or any of PNP programs, the Canadian immigration assesses your profile or your qualifications. They give points against each of your qualifications. If you are successful in achieving required points, Canadian immigration sends an “Invitation to apply (ITAs)” to you. Then you can apply for Canadian permanent residency. This is actually a summery how these programs work. You should check official website of Canadian immigration to know the exact details like requirements, application fee, eligibility criteria and application process.

Usually the following factors are assessed in order to award you points for Canadian Immigration:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Job Offer
  • Connection in Canada

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Do I need a job offer to get into the Express Entry pool?

            “No, in most cases you don’t need a job offer. But, you will need one if you: are eligible for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and do not have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada.

Even if you don’t need one, you may want to try and find a valid job offer. It will give you a much higher point score, and so a better chance of being invited to apply.”

Quotes from Canadian Immigration official website:

                        According to the new statistics released by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 90% of ITAs (invitation to apply) were given to candidates who did not have any job offer from any Canadian employer in express entry Q1 and Q2 2017. These have also been the largest beneficiaries of the targeted changes to the rankings of candidates. It was 62% when points were not reduced due to no job offer by IRCC, 11 months earlier 1n 2016. This data released by Immigration department of Canada confirms that the reduction of points due to job offer is actually in favor of candidates who have higher scores for human capital (age, proficiency in English and French, education, and work experience). It is exactly true for Federal Skilled Worker Class candidates in Express entry according to CIC news.

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                        Human Capital is based on age of applicant, language proficiency in French and English, educational qualification and work experience. According to IRCC, all these factors are interlinked and important in order to provide CRS (comprehensive ranking system) scores. The maximum achievable points score is 600 points.

                        Because of this change, a reduction of points between 50 to 200 from 600 points has been witnessed depending upon the position. Other changes have been made like extra points for Study in Canada. The constituents of a qualifying job were also broadened. The time period for candidates to submit a completed application after receiving ITAs has been increased.

                        As a result of these changes, the number candidates invited without job offer has been increased from 62% to 90%. The number of candidates with Canadian study also increased from 30% to 40 %. More people became eligible to submit their profile into express entry. Applicants can submit express entry profile without any job offer. The purpose of reduction in job offer points is to make Candidates reliant on their human capital score for ITAs.

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  2. Hi. My name is adeel from Pakistan. I work South Korea in plastic injection company. Make some products kia, hundia, aand Samsung. I have 10 years experience. Recently i live Germany. I would like to move in Canada and start my career there.

  3. Hi. My name is adeel from Pakistan. I work there in plastic injection company. Make some products kia, hundia, aand Samsung. I have 10 years experience. Recently i live Germany. I would like to move in Canada and start my career there.

  4. Salam sir i have done msc in fibers related to textile spinning . 30 years of expearance .Currently i am jobless .please give me a suggestion

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    1. Hi Dear,
      we are not providing jobs or visas,,, we are only sharing useful information for those who want to immigrate… thank you

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      you can find job online by making search at Canadian job bank, indeed or other other Canadian provincial job search websites.

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    1. W.slam brother,,, you are right finding job offer is very hard through online portals… i suggest you to apply Canada Express entry and Provincial nominee programs which are possible without job offer as well as australia 189 visa…. but you have to do ielts with good band scores… thank you

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