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How to Get Canada Work Permit.

How to Get Canada Work Permit – Complete Guide to Canada Work Visa.

                        More than 300000 foreigners come to Canada for employment. Applicant does not need to pass any Canada Points based system to get Canada work permit. Canada work permit application system is easier and straight forward as compare to Canada Express entry or other system. But it still has some requirements and necessary steps to follow on. Most of the foreign workers need a work permit to work in Canada in legal way. This is generally known as Temporary Work permit. Temporary work visas are totally different from permanent residence visas. You will be able to know all about Canadian work permit on this page.

                        The first and foremost requirement is to arrange a job offer from a Canadian employer in order to apply for work permit. The second thing is LMIA which stands for labor market impact assessment. It is the responsibility of Canadian employer to get LMIA from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). LMIA is actually an opinion of HRSDC about the job position, its nature and its positive/negative effects on Canada’s economy. This department checks if there is really no suitable person available to do this job in Canada. If this department is satisfied with the demand of employer, a positive opinion LMIA is issued. Actually, every country wants to give jobs to local citizens first. Foreigners are accepted as second preference or as an alternative. Anyway, Canadian employer must send job offer and LMIA to foreign worker to apply for Canada work visa.

There are some specific situations but limited in number where job offer can be made without LMIA, it is called open work permit Like:

  • Because of international agreements.
  • If extraordinary benefit is expected from the foreign worker.
  • Because of any talent exchange agreement and programs.
  • In case of studying in Canada.
  • Work permit for spouse
  • Religious or charitable work type
  • For refugee/asylum seekers etc.

Job offer is still a difficult task for most of the foreign workers especially for south Asians. There are many ways to get job offer from Canadian employer. If you have any relative or friend or some other connections in Canada, you can request them to arrange a job offer for you. You can offer them some money in to do this service for you. Canada has plenty of jobs for foreigners and all you need to have just favor of your friends. There are many agents who arrange job offers and contracts for foreign workers but they may charge very heavy amount which is very hard to afford. The best option is to make search online.

            There are many online recruitment agencies where Canadian employer post the jobs regularly and keep looking for foreign workers. All you have to do is just visit websites of these recruitment agencies, make an online free account and create a resume or upload a CV from your computer. You need computer first time only to make an account and create or upload CV. After that, you can download app of recruitment agency and start looking for the job which you want to apply for. Whenever you see a job which you desire just click on apply now and your CV will be forwarded to Canadian employer. I am talking about which is the most reliable and responsive online recruitment agency now a days. Whenever you have free time, just open its app and start applying. Simple and straight.

            The second most trustworthy online job search website is which is the official website of The Department of employment and social development Canada. This website also has a large listing of latest jobs in all provinces of Canada. You can search a job by entering keyword into search box, find the job you want and then read the description of job. You will find some contacts of employer, email id/website or contact number. Just send your CV to employer. If you want to make account on this job bank website, you have to create an account on first and have to submit an express entry profile whether you have qualification  for express entry or not. Now it is up to you, you can start search for jobs without creating an account too as I have already explained.

            After getting job offer and Positive LMIA, you have to arrange rest of documents, like educational documents or diploma according to the job position (if needed as some jobs don’t need any diploma), medical examination, passport and other identity documents, police clearance, application form can be downloaded from Canadian Immigration official website you have to fill out the form completely and also arrange all documents. Any missing documents or incomplete application may result in delay and cancellation of visa application.

            Canada work visa application processing time is not fixed. It is different in every country and for every visa type. However, visa processing time can be checked at Canadian immigration official website at this address Visa application fee for Canada work permit for one person is 155 Canadian Dollars. If you are submitting your visa application through visa drop box Centre, they may demand their service charges and biometrics charges additionally.

            This work permit is normally issued for longer period to avoid any extension in future, however it is extendable. If applicant wants extension, he have to meet all the requirements which he have fulfilled first time to apply visa. it means job offer or contract renewal with employer is needed again. And if job is under HRSDC, LMIA will be needed again. Work permit holder have to work with one employer only. He cannot work with other employer. If he wants to work with different employer, he have to get new work permit.

No need of work permit

            If you are in the Canada and want to do the following jobs, according to the Canada Immigration official website the following persons do not need a work permit. List of working sectors is given below where a person does not need a work permit.

  1. Athlete or coach
  2. Aviation accident or incident investigator
  3. Business visitor
  4. Civil aviation inspector
  5. Clergy
  6. Convention organizer
  7. Crew member
  8. Emergency service provider
  9. Examiner and evaluator
  10. Expert witness or investigator
  11. Family member of foreign representative
  12. Foreign government officer or representative
  13. Health care student
  14. Judge, referee or similar official
  15. Military personnel
  16. News reporter or film and media crew
  17. Producer or staff member working on advertisements
  18. Performing artist
  19. Public speaker
  20. Short-term highly-skilled worker
  21. Short-term researcher
  22. Student working off-campus
  23. Student working on-campus

                        This list has been taken from Canada immigration official website although these professions related people do not need a work permit but it does not mean that they can work anywhere for unlimited period, there are also certain conditions and restrictions for them on individual bases which can read at Canada immigration official website.