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Canada Immigration Largest Lucky Draw.

Canada Immigration offered 3900 ITAs (invitation to apply) through Canadian Express Entry Draw. It is the largest Draw of 2018. Candidates will have chance of moving to Canada by getting Canadian Permanent Residence.  The Comprehensive Ranking System score to get invitation to apply was very low in this years; it was 440. In 2018, this was the 4th draw with this CRS score. CIC News quoted that this was lowest CRS score in the current year.

14:28:34 UTC and 29th April 2018 were the tie-break time and date of the Express Entry Draw. All candidates who secured scores exceeding 440 got invitation to apply after this draw. Besides these candidates, those applicants who submitted their express entry profiles within the mentioned time and date and with CRS core 440; they also received invitation to apply and they will have opportunity of moving to Canada.

This largest Express Entry Draw broke the previous record of 3750 ITAs set by IRCC in 2018. Trend of 3750 ITAs was begun by IRCC (immigration, refugee and citizenship Canada) on June 13 and carried on for 6 more draws. After 13 June, the consistent pace of bigger express entry draws kept the CRS score at 440. It helped to prevent comprehensive ranking system score from going higher.

Immigration experts opined that this increase in ITAs is due to new targets of Canadian immigration. Formerly, officials of Canadian immigration have given statements that Canada needs more manpower from abroad. Because the number of working age population is going down, so Canada wants millions of new immigrants but with good skills who can help Canada’s economy to grow and Canada have enough resources, funds to help in settlement of newly coming immigrants.

Expert says that we hope that Canada will not increase the threshold CRS score in future and hope to see increase in ITAs.

Express Entry Points:

Canada Express Entry Candidates have many ways to boost their CRS score so that their profiles may get selected and they can receive ITA. Normally CRS scores are awarded by assessing the following factors:

  • Skills
  • Work Experience.
  • Educational Qualification.
  • Extra points for Education obtained in Canada
  • Language proficiency either in single language English/French or both.
  • Language proficiency of applicant’s spouse/partner.
  • Educational qualification of applicant’s spouse/partner.
  • Job offer (with LMIA if required for job category) however job offer is not a requirement.
  • Nomination from a Canadian province for permanent residence.
  • Certain combinations of language skills, education and work experience that result in a higher chance of the applicant becoming employed.

moving to Canada

The total CRS score is 1200. Which are distributed in the following way:

  • Provincial nomination: 600
  • Senior management job offers with by LMIA (National Occupational Code 00): 200
  • Other listed job offers with LMIA (NOC O, A, B): 50
  • Three years’ Canadian post-secondary education OR master’s OR professional degree OR doctorate: 30
  • 1 or 2 years of post-secondary education in Canada: 15
  • Other type of work, skill, education: 500
  • Transferable combinations of skills, work and other factors: 100

How to Improve Points:

Candidates who want to migrate to Canada through Express Entry Program they can boost their CRS score by improving the factors mentioned above. For example, if an applicant get nomination for permanent residence from province of Canada he can secure 600 addition points. Provincial nominee works under Express entry stream but it aside program for provinces of Canada. Provincial nominee program is highly active in 2018.

Similarly, if a person gets job from Canada, he can get additional points however job offer is not a requirement for Canada express entry. Anyone without job offer can apply and qualify for ITA if he gets threshold score.

Other factors which are improvable and which can boost points are education, language abilities, applying with qualified spouse/partner and work experience in relevant field. Express entry should improve these factors, resultantly they will get more and points and qualify for invitation to apply.