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Russian announced a great multi entry visa free travel to Russia.

Russian announced a great multi entry visa free travel to Russia without any Russia visa until end of 2018. Football Fans can bring their families to Russia without visa until end of the year 2018. This bill has been passed by Russian lower house, upper house and finally singed by the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The FIFA World Cup in Russia has finished but Russia is offering a great opportunity to Fans to visit and stay Russia again without any visa.

Formerly, Russia gave visa free entry to football spectators to watch football matches of FIFA world cup 2018. Fans holding match ticket and a Fan Id were allowed to Enter and stay in Russia from 4th of June 2018 to 25th of July 2018. Apart from this, Belarus also announce visa free entry for Fan Id holders during FIFA world 2018. Ahead of the tournament’s start on June 14, Russian officials said they had given out some 1.5 million Fan IDs. Most of them (871,000) were claimed by Russian citizens, followed by about 60,000 Chinese nationals and nearly 50,000 Americans, according to Russian daily Vedomosti. The final numbers of both foreign and domestic visitors are likely to be higher.

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Recently, Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced “multi entry visa free travel to Russia” for the people who already hold Fan Id. Fan Id holder can visit Russia any time until the end of 2018 without any Visa. It is no doubt, a best opportunity for tourists.

Russia will provide visa-free entrance to the country for football fans with fan IDs until the end of 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“I think that we will provide visa-free entrance to Russia for foreign fans, who currently have fan IDs, until the end of 2018. This will be a multiple entry visa-free regime,” Putin told reporters.

According to Russian news agency Sputnik, the Russian leader expressed hope that fans will take advantage of this opportunity and “come to Russia more than once with friends and members of their families.”

Putin has taken part in the closing ceremony of the championship and the ceremony of awarding the winner.

Russia will extend its visa-free travel regime for foreign soccer fans until the end of 2018, President Vladimir Putin said after the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday “I think we will do the following: for foreign fans who currently have fan IDs, we will give them multi-entry visa-free travel until the end of the year,” Putin told reporters.

On 26 July 2018 Russia’s State Duma (Russia’s Lower House) has passed this bill that foreigners holding Fan-Id will be eligible to visit Russia without Visa along with their Family Members.

On 28 July 2018 Upper house of parliament approved the same bill to grant a visa free access to foreign visitors with Fan-Id.
Finally Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed this bill on 03 August 2018 that all football fans who have fan-id they can enter Russia without visa. Families of fan-id holders will also be allowed to enter Russia without visa until the end of 2018.

According to TASS the Russian news agency Russia may extend visa free entry until 2019 Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

2019 Winter Uniersiade is going to held in Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk on March 2-11,2019. Russia is planning to extend visa free access facility for football fan-id holders until end of this event.