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Italy Refused Entry for illegal Migrants.

Italy Refused Entry for illegal Migrants.

Italy is refusing to accept 450 migrants who were rescued from an overcrowded fishing boat. Two vessels owned by border agency Frontex and Italy’s Tax police picked up illegal immigrants on Saturday near the Linosa – more than 100 nautical miles from Malta. Migrants were coming from Libya to get asylum in European countries but Italy is refusing to let these migrants enter the Land. Eight of the migrants who needed medical assistance were taken to the Italian island of Lampedusa for treatment.

Both Italy and Malta have refused to accept the migrant. Italy want’s Malta to take responsibility of these migrants but Malta said Friday it had fulfilled its obligations by monitoring the vessel to see if it needed help. Malta says the ship’s crew made clear they were heading toward the Italian island of Lampedusa and eventually moved out of Maltese waters. Malta said that when they were informed of ship, it was already closer to Italian island than Malta, so it is obvious that migrants wants to enter Italy.So, it is responsibility of Italy to shelter them.

Italy Interior minister talked to prime minister and both agreed on three ideas regarding immigrants:

Fist idea is that migrants could be distributed among European countries because Italy is no more willing to face the burden of asylum seekers alone. All European countries should contribute and take some of migrants to share the burden.

Second idea which will also be considered that migrants should be sent back to Libya but this Idea is highly condemned by Aid officials because there would be serious risk of abuse, rape, danger of life and slavery for migrants in Libya. Moreover, Libya have declined to take back migrants.

Third idea is that migrant should be detained on ship in the sea and their asylum case will be assessed. After assessment authorities will make a decision about their fate.

Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte announced a breakthrough on Saturday over the matter of migrants that France and Malta will respectively take 50 migrants each and other European countries will follow soon. It was written on his Facebook page. Prime minister of Malta confirmed this news that Malta would take 50 Migrants on Twitter but no conformational statement has been given by France so far.

However, Italy is trying to distribute the burden of refugees among other European countries and don’t want to become the frontline target of immigrant. That’s why Italy immigration making its laws more strict than ever.